Are you looking forward to hiring a team of Angular developers? Don’t know how to vet developers? Take a chill pill. We are for you. We know how essential it is to hire Angular developers to complete and deploy your project successfully. With a view to help you, we are presenting things to consider while hiring an Angular developer. 

Why Angular Is Perfect For Your Next Project 

Angular is a TypeScript-based (a superset of JavaScript) frontend web application framework developed by Google. It is employed for building mobile and desktop applications. It is known for its speed, ease of use, and an extensive community. Due to the following features, it is a perfect technology for your next project:

  • Angular is a TypeScript-based technology which makes it easier to understand and debug
  • It has data binding support, which allows you to bind your app’s UI to your model data
  • Angular supports Web Components, reusable custom elements that can be embedded in HTML
  • It has a strong focus on test-driven development (TDD)
  • It uses dependency injection for building applications that are loosely coupled
  • Supports routing, views, and forms

Responsibilities of Angular Developers 

The responsibilities of an Angular developer include:

  • Building the frontend of the application.
  • Designing the data flow and interactions with data in the app.
  • Understanding how to write efficient code.
  • Debugging errors in code and writing tests.
  • Organising the data flow and interactions with data in the app.
  • Understanding how to create components.

An angular developer is also responsible for developing detailed documentation of a project and carrying out code audits to identify performance suppressors. A developer has to ascertain that APIs are perfectly integrated with the app at deployment. 

Required Skills of Angular Developers 

If you are hiring an angular developer, you should look for the following skillsets and ask them questions pertaining to these skills in an interview. 

Proficiency with TypeScript  

Angular is a typescript-based open-source framework to build mobile and web apps. It is a modern object-oriented coding script that is more stable when it comes to developing large-scale web development projects. 

Experience in working with JavaScript-enabled tools 

An Angular app requires frequent maintenance to fulfil the demand of customers. The developers need to check dependencies, optimise images, invalidate caches for the customers’ convenience, and create packages. These tasks are robotic, require a lot of time, and are prone to error. 

In order to prevent it, a developer should use JavaScript-enabled tools. With the use of these tools, a developer can automate these tasks. Some of the examples of these tools are Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt.

Good Command Over CLI 

Allowing for the easy installation of new packages and scripts, the Angular CLI is a tool to intialise, develop and maintain applications. It includes many features that allow developers to control their applications fully. Without NPM, installation is incomplete,

NPM helps install this universally important tool for developers, which also helps install other related packages that help make your applications stable and scalable.

Although it is possible to install Angular packages individually and type out all of the required code by hand, the Command Line Interface (CLI) makes the process much easier for developers. It ensures that your applications follow best practices.

CLI is a powerful tool for application development that goes beyond just building a new one. You can also use it to extend an existing application by introducing additional components and services.

CLI will save the developer a lot of time and screening, keep their code in check by ensuring it follows Angular best practices, and ensure they don’t forget any minor details that hinder functioning. 

Expertise in Testing & Debugging 

Angular developers need to know their code well in order to produce high-quality apps. They may be required to work with other developers’ code, so they need to know how to detect and fix bugs if they come up.

There are a variety of testing methodologies available. One is functional testing, ensuring that the product meets the development document’s criteria and specifications. It can be used to ensure that a particular piece of code is performing its intended purpose concerning the application or specification.

Some of the testing tools/frameworks are Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, and Mochajs. As a hirer, check the mention of these tools in developers’ CVs so as to ensure they are experts at it. 


Above are the things you need to consider before a dedicated team hiring angular developers for your next app development project. Whether developers possess those skill sets will be known after interviewing them. 

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