Today, it is getting crucial to get your business online for growth and conversions. This has to lead many businesses to develop websites instantly. Furthermore, there has been a great rise in the web hosting business too. There are several new web hosting companies arising in the market that are struggling to offer their best to stay up in the competition.

Whenever you develop a website, you need to store its files and data somewhere. This place is referred to as server and then your website is made live with the help of web hosting service. If it’s your first website then you will always be recommended to go for shared hosting. Windows shared hosting is the best option for newbies that want to host their ASP.NET website as it comes within your budget.

Here, you need to share the resources of the website with other users on the same server. This might sometimes affect your website’s performance when the other user pulls the maximum resources when there’s a traffic spike on his website. If this happens, it will slow down your website performance.

Once your business starts growing, you might also face an issue with the performance of your website. You may fall short of resources, leading to website crash. This is the time when you need to upgrade your web hosting plan to get faster performing website. There are several web hosting plans available but you might need one that offers best performance at budget-friendly pricing. One such type of web hosting option is VPS hosting.

VPS hosting offers the environment of both a shared and a dedicated server. In dedicated server, you can have the complete server for your usage and you are the sole owner of it. But since it is much costly as compared to shared and VPS hosting, businesses with high finance only opt for it. In VPS hosting, you are provided a virtual environment though you need to share the server. You have resources assigned to you. No other user can use your resources. So, you get the benefits of both types of hosting at your pocket-friendly price.

Since selecting among the best web hosting providers might confuse you, here’s a review of the best Windows web hosting provider of India.

MilesWeb Introduction

MilesWeb is a leading web hosting company of India and was started in 2012. Being an award-winning company, they have always aimed at offering the latest technology on their servers that fulfill the increasing website demands. They have all types of web hosting plans to cater the needs of every business. These include shared, reseller, dedicated, cheap VPS hosting, cloud, WordPress and application hosting. They have their experts to help you if you get stuck in technical issues. They are available via live chat and email for 24/7.

Managed & Cheap Windows VPS Plans

Pros of Managed Windows VPS Hosting

Choice of Control Panel: You can easily manage your Windows VPS account with the help of Plesk control panel. They offer three plans of Plesk control panel from which you can select one as per your needs. It is easy to use and helps to manage multiple websites, emails and databases.

Free Website Migration: Migration to their servers is offered free of cost from your current web host. Your website is migrated flawlessly on their servers with all the important files and databases.

Solid-State Drives: Their managed Windows VPS servers come with SSDs to provide excellent performance as well as reliability. This helps in boosting the performance of your heavy web applications.

100% Dedicated Resources: Each Windows VPS provides dedicated hosting resources which include CPU, memory and storage space. No resources get shared with other hosting accounts in a node.

Full Administrator Access: You get the complete freedom for controlling your Windows VPS hosting account. You can host multiple websites on your account, install any third-party apps/software or use it for browsing data with their fully managed Windows VPS plans.

Latest Technologies: Your website remains updated with the latest ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, PHP, FrontPage Extensions. You also get the database support as well as their team monitors MySQL and MS SQL.

Easy VPS Upgrades: It is easily possible to upgrade to VPS anytime without the changing the assigned IP address. Their experts take care that no data gets failed or lost when the up-gradation process is done.

Affordable Price: You get the managed Windows VPS packages at the best prices and are perfect for the webmasters that require complete administrative access over the website.

Powerful Hardware: Their servers are configured with strong hardware so that you get the superior performance as well as reliability to make your Windows VPS platform highly suitable for challenging websites.

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The Verdict

MilesWeb’s managed Windows VPS hosting plans are the best to switch for a shared hosting user. This is because you get all the features that help to manage your Windows-based critical applications easily. 


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