Are you planning to get app development from a reliable web agency? Kreationsbyran is the most trusted web agency in Stockholm with a highly skilled team of app developers. But do you know what features to add in the app? Here are five key features to add to increase business-

Social Media

People spend most of their day sharing ideas, memes, pictures, and other media on social media apps. The best trick would be to link the app with popular social platforms. If a user likes your product, then they can share it with their friends and family without the hassle and passing incorrect information. 


Allow customization on your app. Let the users choose their usernames or select the color and font of the text. There are various ways to keep users engaged. Personalization offers a feeling of being welcome and prestige. Kreationsbyran is the best web agency for this job.

Fewer Ads And Links

Banners and unnecessary links on the app screen repulse the users from taking action on the app. Ads blocking the content on the app is the biggest reason people close the app in the first few seconds. Therefore, keep the content and design simple during the app development. 


In this era, voicing opinions and thoughts has become significant. Even if the app is related to your business, it is essential to let the users speak. Feedback allows the consumer to criticize your service or product, which is a beneficial tool for your business. Kreationsbyran has the best team of app developers who can help you with all the features.


Users do not like sharing their information on the internet for good reasons. So, the first step would be to avoid asking for personal details. If the information is essential, then make sure that the app is secure and does not share information with other apps. Kreationsbyran takes care of data safety during the app development process.


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