Now we come around to your ads. By all means, you absolutely have to split test your ads. It doesnít matter if they are little text ads or large display ones. Test, test, and test again. If they are of the display type, then do not tweak the ad so much that people don’t recognize your site, product or service. It is important to conduct both black box and white box testing. However, it is different from a text ad. You can literally change almost every word here, as long as the meaning is still the same.

Do not overlook split testing with certain pages of your website. It doesnít just have to be the home or sales page. If you are able to find a certain page of your site that becomes sticky and keeps the visitor there longer, go for it. The more time they spend on your site period, the better the chance is that you may be able to convert them into buyers and hopefully, long term repeat customers. Everything is fair game when it comes to what to split test.

Benefits of split testing

There are many benefits of split testing. But perhaps the biggest one of all is that it may be the deciding factor as to whether your online testing firm succeeds or not. It really is that important. How else are you going to know what works and what fizzles? Not utilizing split testing is like trying to move around in the dark, and with a blindfold on to boot. Not to mention that you are probably leaving a whole lot of money on the table if youíre not doing it.

One benefit of split testing is if you are using it in ad campaigns. Should you opt to purchase ad space, you would do well to have different versions of the same ad put up. By implementing good tracking procedures you will quickly and easily find out which particular ads are worth the money and which ones you need to toss aside. This ensures that you are getting the most bang for your advertising buck.


If you are using Google Adwords then you can potentially wind up paying less cost per click for your ads. How is that you ask? Well, Google tends to base a part of the price structure on good keywords and how well your ad is designed. The way this works with split testing is that you will quickly find out by reduced costs per click which ones are making the grade.

You can also use split testing in a question or survey kind of way. This is done by asking visitors to your site or your email subscribers which type of design or format they like best. Yet another benefit of split testing is that you can often do it without spending one dime. Yes, if you decide that Adwords or paid advertising is not for you, or you can’t afford it at the time, simply try it out with your email subscribers.


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