Mobile phone invention has been the biggest blessing in our life. But weak networks ruin the user experience. Do you keep cursing your mobile network speed while surfing the internet? It is a fact that every professional and personal interaction takes place on a mobile phone. When the network speed is low, it becomes difficult to take actions with haste.

5g is set to change the way you interact with the world. The new 5g technology is all about the rapid speed and performance. Let us know what is 5g, and how will it impact the world? 

What is 5G Technology?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology. It will act as a platform for expansion in terms of device and network services. 5G will not be limited to mobile phones. The new 5G technology will control other machines and devices like cars. 5g technology is yet to be launched across the world. The year 2020 may see some network operators introducing 5g.

How Is 5G Better Than Other Networks?

Other mobile network generations 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G are previous generations. They gave us an analog voice, digital voice, mobile data, and fast internet, respectively. The world is currently enjoying the operations of 4G. So, Why do we need 5G? The fifth-generation mobile network promises better and faster performance as compared to the old ones. It is said that 5G will deliver an extraordinary user experience. 

5G is expected to offer up to 20Gbps of browsing and downloading speed. Is it a new technology? Yes. 5G is a new radio technology that works on high-frequency bands (3.5 GHz to 26 GHz). These frequencies have shorter wavelengths implying they get easily blocked. Therefore, companies may have to put up a bunch of phone masts at smaller distances for high usage. It will be an expensive task, which means not all mobile operators will offer fast speed.

How Will It Impact The World?

Mobile phones were made to connect people. The invention has successfully met its motive. So much so that people cannot function without a mobile network and internet connectivity. 5G will connect machines and objects to enhance the functioning in all sectors.

We are looking towards a future of possibilities, driverless cars interacting, drones communicating, traffic monitoring, and much more. 5G is supposed to multiply the benefits of existing technology and make life easier.


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