The healthcare industry is booming today. Awareness towards motherhood has led to debates and reformation of laws regarding childbirth. Where debates about planned parenthood and abortions are brewing all over the world, people are working towards effective methods of conception. Fertility tracker is a new technology that allows women to know about their most fertile days. So, a willing couple can conceive quicker or avoid pregnancy altogether.

How Do Fertility Trackers Work?

Fertility trackers sound fancy to women who have been trying to get pregnant or plan parenthood. These devices use some basic techniques to identify the signs of fertility. It checks body temperature, progesterone levels, etc. to mark fertile days of the month. Some of the devices claim accuracy, however, these tests should not be considered fully responsible. 

Are Fertility Trackers Contraceptives?

There are two ways in which fertility trackers can be used- to plan parenthood or avoid pregnancy. Choosing the least fertile days to have sex may work as a contraceptive method. Although the chances of successful contraception are low. For such cases, contraceptive pills and condoms are the best choices. The fertility tracker works best for women trying to get pregnant. 

Fertility Tracking Devices

There are various apps and devices in the market that help you realize the best time to be intimate. Here are brands that use different technologies based on hormone detection and basal body temperature.


Mira is a urinary luteinizing hormone-based tracker. It measures the luteinizing hormone (LH) that increases in the body 36 hours before ovulation. The tracker checks the presence of the hormone in your urine. So, you can plan pregnancy accordingly. The advantage of this device is that it is connected with the Mira app. The app tracks other information like periods and ovulation. It also points out irregularities. 


Ava is a bracelet that uses artificial intelligence to track basal body temperature. The band consists of a sensor that measures heart rate, skin perfusion, and respiratory rate to detect fertility. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is known to increase during the fertile days. The Ava band gathers this reading and delivers accurate information. Doctors recommend Ava to women with PCOS, hormonal imbalance, and irregular cycles.


Proov works like Mira by detecting a certain hormone in the urine. While Mira checks for LH in the urine, Proov tests progesterone levels. Progesterone is an essential hormone for ovulation and pregnancy. Proov tells you if you have ovulated and shows you the best time to conceive. According to the information, you can also avoid sexual intimacy in the fertile window to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


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