It is natural to trust people that you are familiar with already. So is the case with everything else too, including apps. Roposo App has been a popular app for a while now. Also what makes this app more reliable is the time for which it has been around. At a time when most Indians are looking for an Indian TikTok, this app may just be the right selection. The app was launched a few years back.

Hence it is one of the oldest ones n terms of Indian apps offering the same features. Yet a lot remains unknown, let’s unravel the mystery in this blog.

What is Roposo App?

If you are someone who keeps up with the news you may have heard the name of this app already. Roposo app has currently claimed the top spot on the Google play store and apple app store. This app is a TikTok alternative. That is not the only thing that has put it in the top spot under free apps. The current market has been especially useful for Indian apps.

This is a direct impact of the Central government’s ban on the usage of Chinese apps like Tik Tok in India. Amid the war-like situation at the border, Indian TikTok apps have become very popular. This app has especially been flourishing in terms of both usage and downloads. The app is a  Short term video platform but that’s not all, it also has more than 200 brands for shopping. The app also lets you communicate with the sellers directly. The app currently has over 6 crore downloads and 4.2 ratings.

Quick background check

The notable point here is that the app is not new. Unlike some of its competitors, it is a 6-year-old app. Initially, it was launched as a fashion social network. Then in version 2.0 came Roposo Tv. In the current version of this  Indian app, you can earn money, chat with friends, and upload video status. This 2012 founded app has a funding of  $32.7M and was founded by three IIT Delhi alumnus. The founders are Mayank Bhangadia, Avinash Saxena, and Kaushal Shubhank. Mayank Bhangadia has also founded another startup called Giveter. The headquarters are in Gurugram, India. The app was acquired by In Mobi’s Glance in November 2019.

Features and benefits that you can look forward to

Roposo app offers some features that are very similar to Tik Tok. Some additional features can also be found here. What amazed me the most is the variety of channels that it has. The content that you find here is pretty amazing. Let me explain some features in detail.

  • Record videos, view and share them
  • Add effects and filters such as time-lapse, stickers & effects, portraits, natural light, contour light stage, studio light & stage mono light.
  • Languages available- one of the interesting features that this Indian TikTok offers is the vast number of Indian languages available. There are 12 of them as of now. Some of these are Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc.
  • Channels available- The app has great content and this part can be divided into channels. There are channels available ranging from COVID 19 to music. Some interesting channels are
  • Haha, Tv- Here you can find humorous content like jokes, pranks, and funny sayings.
  • Bhakti Tv- All the devotional stuff can be found here. You can find this content for all religions. You can listen to chants or mantras, offer namaz, get photos and videos, or enjoy daily darshan. You can also download wallpapers of God.
  • Look Good-Feel Good- This channel will look after your health. This it will do by providing you with health solutions. You can use this channel to get that glowing skin.
  • Beats-Sing and dance with this channel with some awesome music.
  • Hand-picked collection from stores like Jabong, Koovs, and Flipkart.
  • Users can send gifts using the points collected from video sharing.

How to use Roposo, the TikTok alternative app?

After successful download, you will need to give your mobile number and enter the OTP

  • Open the app and go to the search page. Here select the preferred language from the 12 languages given.
  • You can search for the topics that you want to see here.
  • Now you will be redirected to the most popular content in that genre.
  • For posting videos as the first step allow permission to camera and microphone.
  • Then click on the video button. You can choose the type of content you want to create. Don’t forget to add effects and filters to it. You can add the trending hashtags to make it viral.
  • Now hit publish to post.

How to download Roposo App?

The first app version was released in November 2014.The app requires you to be at least 13 years old to use it. To download-

  • Go to the Play Store or App Store and type Roposo and search.
  • Click on download the app.
  • Now select the language preference from the available ones.
  • Allow permission and let the app download.
  • Set up the account as mentioned above.

Highlights about this app

  • The international recognition-The app was featured in the 2016 edition of the app for Indian Independence day.
  • MyGovIndia is also a user on the app. The account has over 10 lac followers.
  • According to the founders’ people have earned up to 1 crore INR from the app. The company has stated that there is no bias towards any type of creator. Both small and big creators have equal chances.
  • The app was downloaded by 1 crore people in 24 hours after the ban on Tik Tok.

Final words – The app may be the most promising alternative to Tik Tok in terms of the experience, ratings, and rankings. Although it would be interesting to see how long the ban on Chinese apps remains. It won’t be wrong to say that the Indian market itself has some great competition in the  Short term video platform world. Only time will tell if this app remains as ‘’clean’’ in terms of content as it aims to or not.

Roposo App FAQs

1. Is the Roposo app Indian?

Yes, Roposo is an Indian app. The company was founded in 2012 and it has its head office in Gurugram.

2. What is the review of the Roposo app?

Roposo is a reliable app which can be seen from it’s ranking on the playstore.Currently it is the number one app in social media category in India.The ranking is also good 4.2 for 6 crore downloads.

3. Who is the owner of Roposo app?

The app was founded by  Mayank Bhangadia and his two co founders Avinash Saxena and Kaushal Shubhank. All three are IIT Delhi alumni.

4. Is the Roposo app similar to TikTok?

The app is similar to tik tok in terms of video creation and earning money based on views.This is not all to the app as it also offers collections of more than 200 stores.

5. How is the Roposo app?

Like the Mitron app, it’s a popular app in India for content creation.It is good in terms of the features that it has and has received overall good reviews in India.


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