Extended warranties are becoming one of the most important factors that must be considered seriously for the protection of home appliances. Today, the extended warranty has become one of the popular businesses all around the world. There are tremendous benefits of an extended warranty and everyone must choose it fearlessly. Extended Warranty is a Must-have policy for everyone.

According to the reports, billions of dollars have been invested in consumer protection plans on appliances, electronic appliances such as washing machines & AC. Extended warranty is one of the largest businesses especially in the U.S. An extended warranty helps you to maintain your appliance for a longer period by providing warranty coverage that had gone beyond the warranty tenure.

Difference between Standard Guarantee and Extended Warranty

The time is the major difference between the standard guarantee and extended warranty. The standard manufacturing guarantees are typical of one or two years long only whereas an extended warranty can last up to three to five long years.

How Is An Extended Warranty Beneficial To A Customer and Why Customer Should Opt For Extended Warranty for Washing Machine?

  • Extended warranties give utmost peace of mind and customer satisfaction at the same point.
  • An Extended Warranty for Washing Machine helps you to keep the appliance run hassle-free & smoothly.
  • Extended Warranty for Washing Machine is available at very reasonable and cheap prices that cost way less than the repairs of the appliance beyond warranty.
  • Everyone has often experienced heavy repair bills on appliances whereas the service appointments for the repair are also inconvenient and tiresome.

Benefits of Extended Warranty for AC

Extended Warranty for AC protects your appliances with the help of an extended warranty protection policy from manufacturing defects that goes beyond the manufacturer warranty period. This way, you can avail warranty for additional years other than the manufacturer’s warranty with Extended Warranty for AC which is given during the time of purchase. Now protect your AC for a longer period and increase the lifespan of the AC without spending a large sum amount for the repair.

We must say that an Extended Warranty for AC is a long-term policy and beneficial investment as it saves you a lot of money in the long run for AC repairs. Since the more you use your AC, the more you will have to pay for maintenance, and then you have to go for more repairs. An Extended Warranty for AC provides peace of mind to the owner which is an important aspect. The main benefit of warranties is peace of mind which assures if that needed all repair expenses will be covered in it.

Purchase from Anywhere 

Extended Warranty for AC can be purchased from any company rather than any specific dealer who offers competitive warranty terms. 

Various Coverage Options 

Today there are tremendous of companies available providing various offer options for customers to purchase an extended warranty after the original warranty of your appliance expires. The owner can opt out of the best coverage that suits their requirements.

Compare different coverage plans and Go for the best one as per your needs.

Wrapping Up

Keeping in mind the current scenario, we are gentry in proffering the best array of extended warranty services for electronic devices. Our services are customized as per the independent requirements of the proprietary name. We cover extended warranty for washing machine, TV, AC and mobile because the manufacturer warranties are very less for all electronics.


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