Master of Computer Applications is a postgraduate degree offered to candidates who already have a degree of Bachelor of Computer Applications. MCA is a professional degree considering the fact that candidates can get jobs right after the completion of their MCA programmes. Colleges or institutes that hold this programme often offer jobs to candidates through placement workshops. There are multiple benefits that come with a degree of Master of Computer Applications, and the best MCA programme in Delhi NCR is here to share with you all the advantages and the types of opportunities and career prospects that come with it. 

If you are a computer applications aspirant, then you deserve to know everything about the degree. Provided below are the detailed information that you need to know about MCA, including eligibility for the course, its duration, salary, benefits, and many other important things. Take a brief look at them so that you can decide better for yourself and find what’s best for you. 

Eligibility Criteria for MCA Programme

When getting into a course, applicants always have to keep in mind that there is always a list of criteria provided by colleges and institutions. Once a candidate meets all the necessary objectives, then only they can proceed to pursue a particular course. Every course has a different set of criteria, and so does MCA. Listed below are the criteria required for an MCA course.

  • Applicants need to have a degree of Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • Most MCA colleges and institutes will accept candidates from streams, such as Commerce, Humanities, Science, and others
  • Applicants must score above 50% in their bachelor’s programme
  • Applicants must score above 55% in their school board examinations
  • SC/ST applicants will have a 5% relaxation on their minimum score

Admission Procedure for MCA Programme

Like admission in other streams and courses, MCA programmes also conduct a thorough admission process for candidates. There are two different ways through which a candidate can secure admission in an MCA course. 

1. Admission Based on Merit

Most MCA colleges and institutes allow merit-based admission to candidates. For this type of admission, a candidate needs to directly apply for the programme by filling out an application form with their bachelor’s degree credentials. When the authority gets their hands on them, they will release a list with names of candidates who have successfully secured admission in the MCA programme. If a candidate gets selected, they will then have to pay the required amount as the course fee to secure the seat. 

2. Admission based on entrance Examination

There are some MCA colleges and institutes that allow candidates admission based on the scores they garner from MCA entrance tests. For this type of admission, a candidate must apply for the entrance exam by filling out a form and paying the fee for the examination. Then, they have to prepare for the exam and take it. Once the authorities release the results, candidates will be allotted different colleges. After that, candidates have to pay the required fee to secure their seats.

In this case, candidates can also apply for colleges of their choice. If a candidate takes the entrance exam of a particular college or institution, they will get directly admitted to those respective centres if they score the required marks in the test. 

What are the Future Scopes and Prospects of Master of Computer Applications According to the Best MCA Programme in Delhi NCR?

India is known as the IT centre of the world. The IT industry in India has achieved and is constantly attaining maximum growth in the numbers of both IT jobs and IT professionals. IT industry here is providing jobs to worthy candidates at a much faster pace than that of any other country in the world. That’s why pursuing an MCA course and further pursuing a career in the same can prove to be a boon for anyone in this country. Most of the MCA graduates can find suitable and profitable jobs in the IT industry in India.    

Career Opportunities for MCA Graduates

The demand for MCA graduates in the job sector is unmatched. There are many job roles that an MCA graduate can take care of proficiently. Some of the MCA graduate job roles are Hardware Engineer, Software Developer, Computer System Analyst, Software Consultant, and Project manager. 

If you nurture a passion for computers, then MCA is the correct course for you.


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