Crisis leads to inventions. In a time like today, where the world is suffering at the hands of a pandemic, Facebook came up with a video call feature that allows up to fifty members. How is it different from a normal video call? Various social media apps have video call features, but most of them are restricting. 

What is Facebook messenger rooms?

Facebook messenger rooms is group video call features that allow people for video conferencing. This is different because it is a space for like-minded people. It is not an interaction only between a group of friends. People who share hobbies and interests can create a room to express themselves.

A Facebook messenger room can be a book club or a group of researchers talking about their shared agreements. A department head can create a room to follow up with the inmates about work and much more. It is a safe space to articulate thoughts and important work. Facebook assures that the videos will not be watched or heard. The feature is not available in all countries yet. 

What are the features of Facebook messenger rooms?

Number Of People

Video call apps do not allow multiple numbers of people to connect at the same time. Facebook messenger rooms have the feature that allows 50 people to group video calls at the same time. It is extremely beneficial for companies who wish to connect with the employees without wasting time with individual calls.

No Facebook Account Required

One of the other important features of Facebook messenger rooms is that the members of the room do not require an account on Facebook for group video calls. Other video call apps need all the people to create an account before connecting. Nobody likes making new accounts and remembering new passwords on different platforms. Facebook makes the whole process easier. It makes Facebook messenger rooms the best video conference app. 

Special Effects

People love filters and AR effects. Snapchat and Instagram both have these live filters features that are loved by the users. So, Facebook messenger rooms came up with filters like bunny ears, immersive 360 background, and mood lighting. The members of the room can choose these effects while connecting with their peers on a video call. 

No Time Limit

What would it be like if you could see your friends the entire day? Some families got quarantined apart from each other during the lockdown across the world. Talking to loved ones in a limited time is disheartening. Facebook messenger rooms allow people to video call without a time limit. People can see their families and friends for as long as they want. Parties or games over a video call can last for hours without disturbance.

Selection Of Members

When a group is created on either Whatsapp or Facebook, the admin decides who stays in the group. Similarly, the creator of a Facebook messenger room can choose the members or delete a member any time they like. No outsider will be allowed to join the group without the admin’s permission.


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