WhatsApp needs no introduction as it is the most popular instant messaging app used by people globally.

This powerful application with a range of features allows you to share messages, photos, videos, and documents quickly.

Furthermore, you can use WhatsApp to make both phone and video calls. This app is available for different platforms, and people can access them on multiple devices.

While the mobile WhatsApp is quite familiar, if you want to use this great app on the big screen of your desktop, then WhatsApp offers two options.

You can either access it from the browser with the WhatsApp web or the WhatsApp desktop app. 

Although accessing this app either through the browser or through the desktop app has many similarities, there are also a few differences.

Here, we will compare the web vs desktop application of WhatsApp in detail. You can further choose the best one as per your needs.

Comparison between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp desktop

Here is a list of points that differentiate the WhatsApp Web from the WhatsApp desktop.

User interface and features

As both of these are designed in the same way, you will find that almost all their functionalities including their design, messaging feature, and various others are similar.

When you open either of these two apps, you will find that their interface, icons, buttons, and tools have similar arrangements and the aesthetic of both of these apps are also identical.

While there are many similarities, there are a few differences in their functionality as well. 

Amongst the two, the WhatsApp desktop provides you with more functionalities compared to the WhatsApp Web.

If you are using the WhatsApp Web, then you will find that you can use only a few keyboard shortcuts as many of them are not supported.

On the other hand, if you use the WhatsApp desktop app you can use all the keyboard shortcuts.

Some of these include disabling chats, changing the reading status of the message, moving between chats, and many more.

Their installation

If you have a WhatsApp account, then you can easily use both the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp.

If you want to use the WhatsApp Web, then you need to go to the WhatsApp Web portal through your browser.

Once you reach the Web portal, then you have to scan the QR code by using the WhatsApp app that is installed on your mobile phone.

In the desktop version, you have to click the app open and then sync it with your mobile app by scanning the QR code to access all the features.

Memory usage

This is one of the most important features that distinguish WhatsApp Web from WhatsApp desktop.

If you want to use the WhatsApp desktop variant, then you have to install the app on your computer which will take up more than a hundred MB of your system space.

The WhatsApp Web on the other hand do not need any system space as it uses the browser and Internet resources only

Therefore, if you have limited memory space or you are running an old machine then the WhatsApp Web is best for you.

Ease of access

While the WhatsApp Web can be used on any machine as it is supported by all the major browsers, there are certain limitations when we talk about the WhatsApp desktop.

The WhatsApp desktop can only run on Mac OS 10.10 and its higher variants as well as Windows 8 and its higher variants.

If you are using other operating systems like the BSD, Linux et cetera, then you cannot use the WhatsApp desktop.


Whether you are using the WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp desktop, you will get the notification. 

However, in the case of the desktop variant, the notification will be sent to you independent of the notification center.

On the other hand, if you use the WhatsApp Web, then all your WhatsApp notifications would come through the browser’s notification Centre.

If you have blocked the notification functions of your browser, then you will find either you are not receiving the notification or receiving it at a later date in the WhatsApp Web version.

Video or phone calls

If you want to make phone calls or video calls, then you must use the desktop variant of WhatsApp until this feature for the Web variant is also available to the users.

The WhatsApp desktop version allows you to use the inbuilt camera and microphone on your laptop to make excellent phone or video calls.


Both these options have many similar features, but there are a few differences that make them useful for different requirements.

The WhatsApp Web is generally suggested for most of the users who do not like to use shortcut keyboards.

Furthermore, it is also excellent for those who have old machines and have very limited storage space.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a complete experience wherein you can chat with multiple people at the same time and take fast action, then the WhatsApp desktop version is right for you.


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