Has it ever happened that you had the wrong attendance records of your employees? Or that even after spending hours and days on payroll, wrong salaries were credited to your employees? Well, HR software can help you rectify all this. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the best HR software in India can help you achieve!

So, let’s get to know how HR Software can benefit you!

6 Benefits Of Using HR Software In India?

#1: Automation Means Lesser Errors

Using software cuts down on most errors that a human makes. 

Manual data entry of payroll can take days or hours for a human, and that too with a risk of wrong entries. But payroll processing through software is like waving a magic wand.

Indeed, it just takes a few minutes to a couple of hours at max for your HR department to credit the rightful salaries of your employees in their accounts.

An HR software integrates payroll, attendance, and time-management modules to calculate the right salary and credit it into your employee’s salary account. It even raises red flags for unnaturally high credits before disbursement, which you can manually check.

Features like biometric attendance and geofencing allow you to maintain correct leave, overtime, and attendance records. Thanks to the fact that all modules are integrated, the payroll module uses these attendance records to calculate salary and then disburse it.

Since everything is automated, errors lessen!

The list of how software reduces errors is long…

#2: Better Efficiency And Productivity

Automation is synonymous with efficiency.

When redundant manual tasks are automated, HR people have more time for meaningful tasks such as employee engagement and benefitting the organisation multifacetedly by studying reports compiled by the HR software.

Moreover, since everything, payroll, attendance and leave, recruitment, performance tracking and rewarding, workforce lifecycle, engagement, expense, etc., is automatised, productivity increases by default!

#3: Facilitates Decision Making

Every HR software module has tens of reports. HR professionals can study these illustrative reports to make better policies that improve employee performance and satisfaction. And at the same time, improve company performance.

For example, reports like CTC trends over a period of time, its projection, and its distribution amongst all components, etc., help you gauge where you are overspending and where you can splurge!

#4: Saves You Money

Apart from optimising CTCs, a direct manner in which HR software in India can help save the personhours involved in redundant manual tasks like payroll data entry, maintaining manual attendance, uploading employee documents, etc.

Moreover, the software ensures error-proof compliance. There is no way you would miss a deadline or any fallacy that might lead you to fines.

#5: Compliance Made Easy

Talking about compliance, HR departments need to follow the various rules and regulations laid by the government.

Payroll compliances like PF, ESI, TDS, etc., need to be deposited through various challans in the proper format. A good HR software in India provides you with challan templates in the correct format.

Moreover, all other corporate tax requirements are pre-configured in the software, and it raises red flags if you violate any rule or anything requiring your attention arises!

#6: Helps Engage And Communicate With Employees

Unengaged employees often tend to feel aloof and unappreciated; thus, their productivity tends to decrease.

On the other hand, engaged employees are well versed with their responsibilities and expectations from them. Thus perform better. They also feel that the organisation cares for them and try to give their best for it.

Good HR software helps you tap into the emotional pulse of the employees. As well as, lets you communicate news and updates, take and give feedback, assist peer to peer rewarding systems, chat with each other and more!

Basically, they create a bridge between management and employee, which is a win-win for everybody!


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