When you visit a restaurant before you even relax; the waiter hands you out the menu. You see a section of Appetizers, Main Course, Snacks, Desserts & Beverages, etc. Since you don’t have to control your cravings for longer. No surprises! You get what you want at the same dine. That is what the app world brings the best out of technology.

Similarly, Mobile apps do the same thing for impatient users who long to experience a hassle-free experience. Punching URLs in the browser, and saving Bookmarks is an obsolete concept. It appeared as run after resources for collecting information. For many App users, apps bring a source of infotainment, a business channel, a platform for life essentials.

It led to the manifestation of Mobile apps which astonished not only the cellular industry but also the end-users. In 1993, the R & D department of Simon came with the first mobile app. PDA experienced the first operating system known as EPOC developed by Psion. Furthermore, who can forget the SNAKE GAME on the NOKIA 6110 phone? Apple made its debut with its first 500 apps and changed users’ experience.

Apps are an integral aspect of fulfilling modern-day business needs. Be it aviation, entertainment, or travel each raised their business volumes. Travel & Food apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Irctc. Though not of any use during COVID-19, which is another thing. A key driver for cellular operators’ world across. Like other accessories of your mobile phone battery, charger, or even a headset. Apps work as a software accessory which imparts endless opportunity to users.

If you don’t find this a mind-tickler then these stats may.

  •  More than 85% of mobile users prefer apps to web pages
  • 2 out of 3 smartphone and tablet users access FB using messenger.
  • Time spent inside mobile apps  exceed desktop web usage in the US
  • 89% of the time used on a smartphone or a tablet is inside of an app
  • More than 224 million users actively use apps each month in  North America

This helps in meeting essential parameters that bolster essential resources. The mobile app world is sliding us towards a new app experience. THE DAWN OF APP WORLD IS  FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN.

One of the greatest things about MLM Mobile apps is to render essential business. This makes App development fostering excellent MLM growth. Allowing MLM software companies to ride on the success of network marketing. Cellular operators are harnessing to great effect. Giants like Samsung opened —one of the largest manufacturing plants in NOIDA. It signifies how much importance the App industry has for the young brigade.

Things that were hard to imagine now become “A Cup of Tea”. Technology too reached a stage where innovation meets excellence. Hence, app development like iOS, ANDROID is making a strong case. The world of sales & marketing that was reeling under constant pressure found a new revival in the form of mobile APP. Promotion of products takes a toll on budget by inflating expenditure balloon. Then the revolution of the Internet is no less than a miracle. In the last ten years, Gradually but steadily at every level, things began to change which required the promotion of activities & marketing trends over the Internet. 

Essential Features of Mobile Apps For MLM :

  • Dashboard:  It ensures a summary of your business including customer details, sign up information, payment details, etc.
  • E-Wallet: Details about E-wallet payment notifications
  • My Bonus : Addition of Bonuses and new joining information
  • Mail:  Enables you to compose, send and read emails
  • Registration: Nomination of new users in Mobile app

Reports,  Profiles referrals and password settings are other important features of Mobile apps .

You can download the Maxtra MLM Mobile App for Android & iOS versions available in Play Stores and App Stores!

As stated before, marketing companies don’t want to spend lavishly on promotional activities. As per the market analysis, expense on ads is sufficient to soar the prices of products & services. That’s where the direct selling(network marketing) software fostered business growth. MLM mobile apps drove the MLM industry in top gear, and help companies to bolster resources.


Among  smartphone subscribers more than 70 % are ANDROID users? A pool of Android app development makes it crucial for MLM business. Be it middle class or upper-class Android has a stronghold. In contrast, other OS e.g. iOS presumably for higher strata. Google play has a higher penetration rate than iOS (iTunes).

Many companies still wonder what kind of apps do we develop Native or Hybrid. Due to the superior functionality and easy accessibility of the Mobile App, it expedites business growth. MLM business experience new heights you had not imagined. At Volochain MLM, you’ll get MLM mobile App in (Android, iOS) and enables businesses with the right Platform to explore MLM software and business plans.


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