Is your smartphone running slower than usual? It’s time for an app spring cleaning! The right apps can positively impact your life, like apps that encourage (and document) physical fitness. Work apps are also essential for streamlining tasks and meeting deadlines.

However, outdated apps drain your battery life. Worse yet, they’re more susceptible to malware and spyware. Let’s start from scratch with a complete smartphone makeover. Here are seven cool apps you need on your phone right now.

1. Advance Your Career

Are you wasting too much time playing Candy Crush?

Discover life-changing opportunities instead!

App stores are packed with career-related apps that help with the following:

  • Resume creation
  • Recruiting
  • Quick applying
  • Job interviews
  • Follow-ups
  • Job alerts
  • Resume headshots

Even better, you can download apps that let you make real money from home. Users can participate in surveys, mobile games, and market research for cash or gift cards.

2. Keep Your Heart In Good Health

Your current fitness apps track your steps, but are you keeping track of your heart?

Start thinking about wearable technology that monitors (and visualizes) your heart rhythm, including any possible irregularities. Your current health insurance plan may have heart-tracking apps available; a doctor may also have some recommendations.

Pair your heart-monitoring app with a healthy nutrition app!

Nutrition apps help with the following:

  • Meal-planning
  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes management
  • Recipes
  • Food identification
  • Ingredient sourcing

Chefs and other culinary professionals would benefit from downloading new nutritional apps. Nutritionists can also join professional networking apps connecting wellness pros to clients.

3. Watch Your Favorite Shows On the Go

Who would’ve thought home entertainment systems would shrink down to the size of a cell phone?

You’re missing out if you aren’t watching your favorite shows and movies on your after-work commute. Popular streaming apps let you binge-watch new and old faves for an affordable monthly fee.

These apps also suggest new titles you may enjoy based on watch history. Viewers enjoy curated suggestions categorized by sci-fi, romance, historical, crime, and more genres.

Even better, you can connect your phone to any compatible TV monitor to stream media at home, school, work, or your friends’ houses.

4. Enjoy the Best Mobile Games

Are you ready to expand your mobile gaming library beyond your favorite (and addictive) puzzle game?

It may be worth buying an extra smartphone just for gaming because many fun titles are available. Plus, many games require ample space to run smoothly.

Some gaming apps let you access games on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. You can also create game wishlists receiving email alerts when an item is on sale. It’s easy to spend an entire paycheck on a weekend sale, so be careful!

There are also brain-bending puzzle apps that keep your mind sharp. For example, some games challenge you to mix elements until you’ve created hundreds more. You may be asked to think strategically to escape a puzzle room (before time runs out!)

5. Cool Apps for Content Creation

Are you a busy online content creator?

You know you can’t get the job done without a reliable smartphone. In fact, you may need two or three separate phones just for high-quality content creation alone. This is especially true if you’re a video creator.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of content creation apps online. You can sync your projects through the accompanying mobile app if you already use particular software. Most major content creation software has a cloud-based version, like Microsoft and Adobe.

You’ll also find apps that simplify tasks that are typically more time-consuming, like narration. Now, you can visit a website like, which quickly converts your text files into audio files, which you can use in educational videos, art pieces, and more creative works.

You’ll find plenty of video editing apps for Android and iPhone devices. In fact, you don’t need to buy a separate video recorder to make a successful YouTube channel. Even better, video editing apps let you add animations, music, and special effects, ideal for TikTok content.

6. Productivity Apps that Aren’t Boring

Are your focusing issues killing your productivity, while apps aimed to help are falling flat?

It’s true; there are too many productivity apps on the market. However, every professional (and student) needs some mode of organization.

Even pausing to breathe is a method, and some apps force users to pause, drink water, get fresh air, and adopt more healthy behaviors. You may enjoy power nap apps that facilitate energizing 10-minute naps, gently awakening you well-rested.

Does adventure keep your attention?

Gamification is transforming productivity technology. Now, users can enjoy quests, rewards, and even new friends on the way toward a goal. These apps encourage users to break down goals into manageable steps, rewarding them for each step completed.

The right soundtrack can do wonders for productivity, as well. Music streaming apps have music from both popular and indie artists, letting you curate productivity-boosting playlists to your liking. You can also save playlists from your favorite classical, lo-fi, and binaural beats artists.

7. Travel the World Without the Stress

Are frazzled airport experiences ruining your travel memories?

Plan in advance (and on the go) with user-friendly travel apps!

All major airlines have their own mobile apps, making it simple for passengers to book flights. However, you could score even better deals with flight comparison apps. These apps find the cheapest flights for your destination, including discounts on lodging.

Would you rather avoid big corporate hotels?

Some apps connect travelers with quaint bed and breakfasts and Airbnb (or similar) lodging. Airbnb operates on a review system that lets guests and hosts review each other. Of course, the higher your rating, the higher the likelihood of a better experience.

Download Only the Best Apps

It’s time to get rid of that dead weight. Start fresh with a new batch of cool apps. This time, they’re going to pay off!

Think about ways you want to improve. Which apps can help you meet your goals? Of course, leave room for fun too.

Keep reading for even more great suggestions and lifehacks.


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