One of the primary responsibilities that HR personnel have in an organization is managing the human resources, or employees. Employees need to be present in the workplace or log in to work at their designated times. This is crucial for ensuring their responsibilities are completed on time and business functions are not hampered. 

Tracking employee attendance is directly proportionate to an enterprise’s productivity and profitability. Proper employee attendance helps in the smooth running of operations, ensures discipline within the organization, and even helps in preventing time theft. 

Attendance tracking is also linked to payroll processing as it leads to accurate inputs in processing salaries. The right attendance management system also ensures the tracking of overtime, shifts, and breaks, and helps to grant compensatory time. Attendance data also helps in maintaining compliance reports in line with legislations like the Shops and Establishments Act and the Factories Act in India. 

Advantages of Attendance Management System

One of the biggest advantages associated with proper attendance management is seamless workflow management. An attendance management system online ensures that leave requests, overtime, regularization approvals etc. are all communicated to an employer or the HR personnel, without the need for manual intervention. 

From cost and time savings to reliable accuracy in payroll processing, there are many benefits of integrating an automated attendance management system.
What is the best attendance management system online? 

HROne offers complete cloud-based attendance management software online. With HROne, HR personnel and CXOs get real-time insights into employee check-ins and checkouts, without manually intervening. Instead of maintaining physical records or spreadsheets, HROne allows enterprises to simplify the process of tracking employee attendance. 

According to research, one of the most redundant tasks within an organization is maintaining attendance; and if not maintained properly, this can affect the final salary payout. Delays in payouts in turn end up affecting the enterprise’s attrition rate.

How does HROne’s attendance management system function?

HROne collects attendance timings through a biometric system. This can even be accessed on the go through a mobile application. These tools are synced to the internal system where data about each employee’s working hours is constantly collected and later imported to the payroll software.

What is the best attendance software in India? 

HROne is used by large and small enterprises across India and is considered one of the best attendance system in India. With this smart tool, you can access a dashboard that provides an overview of each employee’s attendance, shifts, overtime, leave requests, approvals and arrears. 

The best part? All the information is updated and can be tracked automatically. Book a demo now to understand how HROne’s attendance management system can benefit your enterprise.

Get in touch with HROne to understand how you can integrate an attendance management system within your enterprise and improve the overall employee experience.

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