The tech world is buzzing with new advancements each day. Most companies are working towards developing products that eliminate the possibility of errors. One such app that I found promising is 9apps software. What makes it special you ask? Well, I have covered all of this in the write-up. Let us see what this platform has in stores for us.

What is 9apps software?

Today we have a different app for each purpose. It’s not just one app rather a multitude of options available. 9Apps falls under this category. It is not an innovation in terms of what it brings to the table but it offers more. The 9apps software is a platform from where you can download many applications.

The app currently works exclusively for android users and is not an official app. Although an official app from the Alibaba group the app is superior to its competitors. It is a free app that is very small in size too and similar to Google play store.

Make no mistake, the smaller download size does not mean a dearth of applications. The software also allows you to download all these apps at no cost. All apps irrespective of whether they are premium apps or not, the 9apps software will allow you a free download.

9apps was first launched in 2013 and since then it’s user base has significantly increased especially in the middle east and Asia. The app belongs to the respectable Alibaba group. This ensures brand credibility and prospects. There may also be included for iOs users.

9Apps Features and Benefits

The app is gaining popularity for some of its peculiar features. These are-

Easy interface

In all our tech activities we look for a quick solution. It is mandatory for software like this to load without hurdles. The app works swiftly that saves time in browsing.

The download is not restricted to applications

One striking 9apps benefits is that you can download games,.apk, movies, etc from the platform. In fact, it has a separate category for gamers. There are several subcategories under it to make the selection easier. You can even download it for your PC using emulators. Additionally, you can also download entertaining videos, soulful ringtones, and amazing wallpapers.

Safe and sound

We all are much aware of computer malware and viruses today. Unknowingly we get attacked by them, 9 apps leave no chance to luck. It scans all the applications before making them available on the platform.


The software sure does not want to be left behind due to its large download space required.

Personalized browsing

Another interesting feature of the platform is that it suggests you download under each category. This would be based on your choice.

Less data required

A very common problem that this app solves is the requirement of the amount of data. The 9apps software has an option of data compression. This will lower the data usage while the download is in progress. This is a welcome feature as data shortage can hamper downloads greatly.

No limit on the number of downloads-You can download as many or as few applications that you want there is no restriction to it. It will also automatically resume your download from where you had left previously in case of power or internet issues.

Get updates faster 

9app enables you to get your applications updated before it is available for most other platforms. The 9apps software is available in more than 14 languages.

How to download 9Apps software online?

First, make sure that your device meets the following requirements to allow the back of the software to download-

  • Free space of 3.4 MB or above
  • Android device with android version 4.0 or above
  • Search the application link from official websites, but before that, you must connect your device with data.
  • Open your web browser and enter the app name on the search bar.
  • The link will be displayed on the web page.
  • Click the link. The application will be downloading.
  • After downloading go for installation process

How to Install 9Apps software? 

To start with the 9apps install follow these steps-

  • Being a third party app you will need to update your security settings. Under settings choose security settings and enable the option of unknown sources.
  • Now go on any browser and type for or just search for 9 apps.
  • Once you get the .apk file of 9apps click on the download link. And select install
  • After the installation is done select finish.
  • When downloading is done you can also go to the file manager and select the fast download option.

Why 9Apps Install?

This is considered as a more accessible platform and used by millions of people right now. It is because the most recommended app store that comes under outstanding features is the wanted choice. That’s why people use this application due to different purposes. These are a single destination but give multiple facilities to users for grabbing their apps and games with no effort. 

  • Portable 
  • User-friendly interface system 
  • You can get all the upcoming apps and game apps freely.
  • It consumes less memory space because the file size is much smaller.
  • does not allow any virus and bugs on your device
  • It is safe for use.
  • It has simple interface system

It supports all kinds of devices such as all Pc windows versions, iPhone, iPod, laptop, and other smartphones. It is one of the faster applications and the ability to download multiple files at the same time. It does not permit any unwanted ads and pop notification. So you can use the form with annoy free. Currently, users are using this app store on their device. 

It is a perfect platform to download the mobile application. Using the app, you can get the latest collections of games. This 9apps install software attracts so many users because of its greatness and unique features. When compared to the other app store, it is more beneficial and makes the users get instant satisfaction quickly. And for all your submission, you can get an exact result in alphabetical order. 

Then you can easily filter the listed files and download your favorite apps and games instantly. Installing the application is quite simple. But it is not available in Google play store, but within simple steps, you can install the application easily from official websites. Using the app, you can download all third-party applications without any other restrictions.

How to use the 9apps?

Using the app is simple. You can find the search option on the app where you can type the name of the app that you wish to download. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to select the right category to find the app. If you don’t know which app to download then you can just browse in the relevant category.

Summing up

The 9app software is a good competitor to others in its category. The app addresses some issues that come up very frequently. Some features like music streaming and more personalized searches make it a class apart. The number of active users being more than 250 million also indicate the effective use of the software. The only discredit that it faces is a lack of an official app. It does not prove a threat in the download process but an official app may attract more users.


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