Marketing teams use videos to promote their brands. However, it is critical to determine whether these videos are effective. Videos with brand messages should be optimized for sharing, engagement, and conversion. Today, making video content is simple and can be accomplished with just a smartphone and a few editing suites.

Are you‌ able to convey the brand message through these videos? Are these videos showcasing your company in the best possible light? Are these videos optimized for mobile devices and social media platforms in terms of content, form, and format?

Today, we’ll look at a few different approaches to making promotional movies that promote your business. We’ve compiled a list of methods and suggestions to assist you in creating high-quality content and optimizing all of your videos for social media.

Video on a Vertical Plane

Vertical videos, contrary to popular belief, appear to perform better on many social media platforms. The frame of the video is what we call vertical video. In TV and cinema, the video is made in landscape mode, making it appear fantastic.

But more than half of the users on social networks access social media platforms through their mobile devices. Most of these platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, display content in portrait mode.

If you’re targeting a younger audience, you should know they solely use their mobile devices or tablets to access the Internet.

Native Video Use is on the Rise

Many people make videos and upload them to YouTube, as we’ve discovered. Social media algorithms‌ ‌favor videos that are directly published to the platform. It’s a straightforward decision to submit your video and share it several times in order for the video to be embedded in the post.

When compared to other platforms, Facebook’s algorithm is far-reaching and smart, favoring natively uploaded videos. When you directly upload a video, it will automatically play based on sponsored or organic impressions. The video will not automatically play if it is linked.

Including Subtitles

Over 80% of autoplay videos on social media feeds are often viewed on mute. This could mean-

· You will need to think visually instead of verbally.

· All dialogue and voice-over content must have subtitles.

This is more like the ancient days of silent movies. Visually, it had an amazing story to tell with the help of moving images. These silent films told stories using visual action to express significant plots that could not be conveyed through language or even on the screen as a card. Social media marketing allows the content of the video to be optimized in order to catch the audience’s attention by using images with attractive visuals.

Impress the Audience Within 3 Seconds

The attention span of the audience seems to reduce. For instance, while watching a movie, if it hasn’t got the audience’s attention within the initial 10 minutes, they are more likely to lose interest. It gets even worse with television. If the show hasn’t captured the audience’s attention in 5 minutes, they’re more likely to turn to another channel. 

As a result, as previously said, most of your audience will consume content on their phones, making it vital to swiftly capture their attention. That’s under three seconds. As a result, it’s critical to save only the most important information. An online video trimmer can be quite useful in removing unwanted content from videos. This tool allows you to modify your video from anywhere, which is quite convenient. It’s so easy to use that even a newbie can get the hang of it. They also save popular video formats like MP4 and WebM, among others.

You’ll be able to locate an excellent tool for free, so take advantage of it without spending any money. Whichever technique you choose, keep in mind that you have a very limited time frame to deal with. As a result, it’s critical to optimize your social marketing initiatives by thinking quickly and visually.

You must avoid the following at the start of the video:

· Excessive chat

· Fades that are gradual

· Excessively displaying the logo

· A three-second text message

Create a video that is:

· Tightly edited

· Visually exciting right from the beginning

Engage Within a Minute

Every social media network has its own set of native clip durations. Regardless of the time limit, you must endeavor to keep your information moving. You must think about the viewers’ attention and whether they would watch the video for more than a minute. If you want to optimize your video’s content, you should be able to tell the full story in under a minute. If your video lasts longer than a minute, ‌expect your viewers to leave.

Make a video, pick out the parts that can be left out, use an online video trimmer to trim it to a maximum of a minute, and publish!

A Few Pointers on How to Make a Professional Video

If you want to deliver a more professional video, ‌follow the guidelines below.

Select a Suitable Background

Selecting a suitable background for a presenter video is ‌important. Adding a busy office would add some energy. However, it could also distract your viewers. A background that is warm or even green can be helpful, as it would allow you to superimpose it while editing.

·  Studio Lights

If the lighting is not good, it will lead to an inadequate quality picture. This can be very unflattering. Try to invest in studio lighting, which is largely affordable.

· Sound

Recording in an environment that is busy, like the streets or a railway station, can ruin the quality of the sound. To avoid annoying sounds in the background, try to acquire a decent direction for your microphone.

Creating a Social Media-Friendly Video

Social networking is a wonderful location to share your marketing material. However, optimizing your investment is important, and you could achieve it by:

· Optimized thumbnail

· Considering aesthetics

· Using an online video trimmer to keep it under 60 seconds

· Focusing on the initial 3 seconds

· Including subtitles

· Avoiding linking your video; instead, upload your video to the platform directly

· Considering square as well as vertical video

· Always requesting the viewer to like, share, comment, and visit the website

Finally, it doesn’t take a filmmaker to make a video. However, if you find this task challenging, you could always approach a video production company, and they will assist you with your requirements.


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