A new venture into the business brings with it a lot of excitement that is packed with equal amounts of anxiety. There are thousands of startups being born each day but all of them do not see the rising sun. The reason for this is often embedded in the fact that marketing or advertising is one area that these new unicorns or startups ignore. Hence it should be the duty of every entrepreneur to find the right SEO services in India.

Let us explore in-depth on how your startup can benefit from the idea of using an SEO company.

1. With Google it is possible-

Google or other search engines today have become like a holy grail. We always consider it a wise choice to ask Google about most choices that we make. The choice could be as simple as choosing where to eat or as complicated as deciding upon the right career path. In such a world where search engines are considered to know everything about everything, the presence of your business online will ensure a better reach.

2. Cost efficiency-

Investing heavily in marketing campaigns is no longer the need. SEO makes it possible to reach your audience at no cost using the organic search. The rising trends with Google also indicate how much value Google holds for organic searches with well-written content.

3. Know what your customer wants-

SEO empowers you with the right set of tools that can help you understand the mindset of your customer. The right SEO agency will give you powerful insights using Google analytics that can enable you to find the right approach in targeting the audience.

4. Seize the opportunity-

While looking for something on the internet you search for a particular substance using some words. More easily they can be termed as keywords. Planning out the right keywords can help you seize the right customer base. This will help you with targeting.

5. Boost your revenues

Presence on Google’s first page automatically means an increase in revenue. The logic here is simple 90% of users will not look beyond the first page of Google. This means that if you can get through the first page, you will make more money than your competitors.

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6. Long Term solution

If you plan on staying in the business league for a long time, you need solutions that will go a long way.SEO rankings although not permanent but create a long term audience. Quality content that is popular, as well as old, has good ranking points with Google.

7. Credibility and reliability

If your Google ranking is good, customers are more likely to trust you as a business. A lot that plays a role in this, is the trust that people have in Google. Ranking well on it makes your potential customers feel comfortable in selecting you.


A new venture into the business brings with it a lot of excitement that is packed with equal amounts of anxiety. The causes of failure could be varied including cost, awareness, etc. It is important to devise a strategy that will provide good solutions and will have a long term positive impact on your business. Therefore SEO can be a great tool for achieving the same.


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