In one way or the other, we have all used machine learning technology in our day-to-day activities. You are not alone if you are probably wondering how machine learning works. Many, like you, are still having problems comprehending the machine learning algorithms.

Machine learning is a constituent of Artificial Intelligence that equips a machine to learn and perform duties for themselves. This is why online games like Clash of Queens, they use machine learning for effective gaming. 

How Does Machine Learning work?

The concept of machine learning is simple and easy. It is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that aligns the computer to work in a certain way. Through this concept, the computer can act in the same way humans work and operate a computer.

The machine learning basics involve learning and improving on the computer’s past experiences to help the computer master some arts and develop traits from the repeated instructions and commands.

This concept enables the machine to complete any task with a data-defined pattern or set of rules fed into the machine as a command. The process is simple and fast and is highly incorporated in many aspects of our lives today.

Applications of Machine Learning in our Everyday Life

We encounter machine learning methods in almost everything we do today. But do we even realize it when we encounter the same? Some of the examples of machine learning methods in our daily lives include:

1. Automated Transportation

In many countries today, the automation of transportation services is mainly recorded in airplanes and a few instances of vehicle automation. Modern aircraft use the Flight Management System (FMS) to help in flying the plane. FMS is an excellent example of machine learning, and it comprises GPS, motion sensors, and a computer system for tracking during the flight.

Such a system helps the pilot relax most of the time, and it is reported that a pilot could only manually fly the plane for about seven minutes and leave the rest for the machine.

2. Intelligence in Online Gaming

More often than not, you have played a game on your phone or computer against an opponent, a virtual one who you do not see. This opponent you play with but cannot see is trained to take commands and play just like you.

The machine learns how to play in a machine-learning game experience, which puts the machine at an equal level to play the game with you. This is an excellent thing as you can enjoy a game alone without the need for a physical gaming partner when you want to be alone. 

3. Detection of Online Fraud

The machine learning finance concept has helped machines to understand and detect any fraudulent activity involving money that is happening online. Through machine learning technology, firms can easily detect and track monetary frauds online to keep users safe from all manners of cyber fraud.

The company using this technology to detect fraud does it by giving the machine the command to check millions of transactions taking place and separate legitimate transactions from illegitimate. The machine then alerts you upon the detection of a suspicious cash flow activity.

4. Online Customer Care

While you might be thinking that the customer care representative you have been chatting with from a website’s customer care chat box was a human, then think again. Most of these websites nowadays are replacing human customer cares with robots. So the chances are that you have been communicating with a Chatbot and not a human being.

The Chatbots operate by extracting information from the site and then later give it to you. So even when you get up in the middle of the night to seek customer care services, you are sure your needs will be taken care of with the Chatbot that’s always there 24/7.

5. Executing Dangerous Jobs

Thanks to machine learning, bombs can now be disposed of easily without the fear of harming humans who were not a target of the bomb. Humans can now avoid some dangerous jobs and send the machines and robots instead.

While drones can be used to carry out some of these dangerous jobs, they still need human beings’ guidance. However, in the future, these drones could be delivering the message and other functions by themselves without humans’ help.


Don’t let the mention of artificial intelligence and machine learning scare you into believing they are difficult and tough topics to handle. The idea of machine learning is extensive, and it will be a great topic in future technological advancements.

As we embrace this new technology’s entrance and growth, do you think machine learning is a good reprieve for our times?


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