Technology is everywhere and it won’t be wrong to say that we are incomplete without technology. It is all around us, the PC we use, mobile phones, home appliances, vehicles, and smartwatches, everything is a technology and it is not still. What we mean by saying this is, that technology has evolving nature and it will keep changing as ‘change is inevitable.’

Earlier, phones were only used for calls and text messages, then they became colorful, and later smartphones were introduced. The phones we use now are highly advanced as we can do almost anything with them using the internet. 

While making a search on the internet, the user types in the search bar to get results of what he/she is looking for. That has become old school now, technology has become advanced. Now people only speak to search rather than using their fingers on the keyboard. This technology is known as ‘speech recognition.’ Let us see it in detail.

What is speech recognition technology?

It is a system that is designed to respond to the voice of the user. For example, if you want to search about the nearest hotels, you just have to say it by opening Google and the search results will be on your screen. Besides opening Google to make a search with the voice, there are many other famous examples like Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon.

There are mobile applications available on the internet that can recognize the music and search it on the internet providing you the download link. Such mobile apps are the best examples of speech recognition technology. Using this technology might be fun but it has got several benefits as well.

Benefits of speech recognition technology

  • Hands-free control

When a user can make search anything over the internet without using hands, it is advantageous for him/her while driving. The person on the driving seat can easily tell the system to turn on/off the music, use navigation towards the destination, make a call, and much more.

  • Aid physically challenged

Especially, for visually impaired people, speech recognition technology is of great help. With screen readers & text-to-speech dictation, they can easily search whatever they are looking for.

  • Digital control

‘Busy’ is the word that can define our lives the best. Everyone is so busy that do not find any entertainment for themselves. Digital assistants like Alexa & Siri have made things a little bit easier for people to find entertainment without even stopping what they are doing. Suppose you are cooking at home and feeling boring, you just need to say your digital assistant to play some rocking music and you’re done. This is how speech recognition is important to entertain you.

  • Speak to write

Speech recognition is still in its early stages and in the future, it might give you a box of surprise. Another feature of this technology is that now you don’t have to type a message, just speak what you wish to write and this technology will do it for you. This is how simple it is.


Speech recognition is a very tiny part when we talk about advancement in technology. But this tiny part has made a huge impact on our lives and eased a lot of work. This technology is not only confined to our smartphones, rather it has a broader application in businesses and research. The future of speech recognition is very bright and we might see some surprising elements later on with its evolution.


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