The technology is still advancing and over the years the technology has made its way to the next level. Therefore, you can see the use of technology in every walk of life. Therefore, now we can get control over the situations. Mankind over the years has got robust surveillance systems. Now we have network security systems like security cameras and numerous kinds of applications to spying and tracking people no time ever before with the use of technology.

However, the rise and the rise of technology in terms of doing surveillance have gone to the next level and today we are trying to protect our privacies like on cellphones, PCs, connected to the internet in particular. Today, we are going to differentiate between spying and tracking. Seemingly, both are looking the same things, but in reality, one is for protection, safety, and within limitations and another one is known for illicit and intrusive surveillance to breach someone’s privacy that is against the law and falls under cyber-crime.

In this post, we are going to discuss the difference between the spying and tracking that makes unable to differentiate the difference between the two. So, first, we are going to discuss tracking!

What is tracking?

The concept of tracking refers to an act of keeping a close look at individuals and groups. It is one of the best security measures for many people all around the globe. Also, tracking is a legal activity where you can use it for monitoring activities to pinpoint the activities that are unauthorized and to analyze things. You can refer to security cameras as the act of tracking people outside the house or inside your office where you can analyze who is going in and out.

The act of tracking requires the consent of the target person in most of cases like in public space, workplace, and when you are trying to track a phone of someone in his private space. You can even track someone without using technological tools. On the other hand, people these days are lurking towards creating complex tracking systems that you can term known as facilitating tracking likewise people do remote tracking.

What is spying?

Spying is ac activity to spy on someone’s personal and private information without getting the consent of the target person. The activity of extracting secret information is called spying such as intelligence agencies of the world who gather Intel from enemies of the states. We know that spies deploy among the terrorists to unveil their strategies to deal with their dangerous activities. So, the term spying refers to illegal activity, and under the law, it’s a crime.

Spying & Surveillance in a nutshell!

The spying and tracking are bothered refers to the gathering of information. The term tracking refers to the activity in which you don’t breach someone’s privacy without having the consent but when it comes to spying it is the integration of the technology and the intelligence. The only difference between the two terms is the intent of the activity. An activity in which you have taken high measures of surveillance known as spying. On the other side, tracking means you are talking to someone for example, and get the unknown information and get the job done.

Spying and Tracking: The basic difference

In addition, keeping surveillance is beyond the prevention of criminal activities. It could encompass sundry applications. Examples of such include the monitoring of the elements of weather to forestall natural disasters and monitoring the invasion of pests in agriculture. You can also mount video surveillance to unravel why your delivery man keeps arriving late. Cool right?

You can understand the tracking terms as when someone is getting the information of weather updates and such as tracking the animals not get access to the fields. For tracking, you can use technology using security cameras to know about who is coming inside and outside the house. However, getting ingress to the house of someone secretly and get access to their private things like phones, PCs, and computers and having information is known as an act of spying. You can use the applications and malicious kinds of spy software to get the Intel from the targeted devices.


The only difference between tracking and spying is that when you get the information for the security purpose or having consent, but in spy, you need to take all the security measures in place to gather information without someone knowing is known as spying.


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