Mobile phone radiation affects the human body in ways that one cannot imagine. A gadget that made life easier is no more ideal for prolonged use. Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology that leaves radiation, which is harmful to health.

Smartphone effects can only be reduced by banning its usage in your life, as much as possible. Following are some health side effects of mobile phone radiation –

1. Alters Sleeping Patterns

It is not a secret that the youth is unable to sleep at night. The reason may be right next to you. The mobile phone radiation affects the human body in such a manner that it causes insomnia, sleeplessness, and even depression. So, keep your phone away if you wish to sleep early and sound.

2. Is Your Mobile Making You Dumb?

Smartphone effects are dangerous, but they do not decrease your IQ. However, mobile phone radiations change brain activity leading to differential behavioral patterns and neurological processes. 

3. It Is Not Acidity Burning Your Heart

The mobile phone radiation effects are not strange to the heart. If you think that your heartburn is only due to gas and acidic food, then you may be wrong. It can be your cellphone causing heart problems.

4. Keep Cancer Away

The radiation emitted from mobile phones decreases the protein kinase C. Research also shows that excessive use of mobile phones can lead to cancer.

5. Your Phone Might Make You Infertile 

The ICMR conducted a study on the effects of RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) on the male reproductive system and found that RFR had reduced sperm count and testicular size. 

The above mentioned mobile phone radiation effects have been a product of various studies across the world. Some studies show a larger impact, while others deny. The only way to stay secure is to take precautions and use the mobile for a limited time.


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