Are you worried like any other parent that your child is addicted to their phone? Kids these days stick like glue to their smartphones. Is there a way to stop child phone addiction? Well, worry not because we have some solutions for the said problem.

Read the following tips below to transfer your kid’s attention from their mobile phones to real life.

1. Organize Fun Activities at Home

Why would a kid spend time on their phones when there are other fun things to do around? Play indoor games or plan a day out with the kids to keep them busy. Show interest and motivate them to pursue their hobbies.

2. Disallow Technology at Meals

Parents are so busy with their work that they do not pay attention to how the kids eat their food. The family should sit together at least during dinner and avoid television or mobile phones. It also increases the bond between parents and children.

3. Keep Your Phones at Bay

Kids watch and learn. Parents are the first teachers, and therefore, you should limit the usage of mobile phones around kids. Set an example for the children before you expect them to be at their best behavior.

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4. Set Rules For Mobile Usage

Create some rules for the kids. Set a time for which they can play games or scroll through social media. Allow them to use mobile for 2-3 hours after school, but with gaps in between. Include your child while setting the boundaries, so they follow it without aggression.

5. Do Not Buy Expensive Phones

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a wise saying. When the child has all the features, they start exploiting it. The best solution would be to buy them a phone which can only be used for calling or texting.


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