Can you live a day without your cell phone? The answer is probably negative. Life is unbearable without a smartphone in hand. From buying groceries to paying bills, the mobile phone has become a need. It is helpful, but we often forget the fact that it is a curse as well. Studies have shown the hazardous effects of mobile on the human body. Cancer, heart-attacks, infertility are some of the side effects. How to protect yourself from the usage of a mobile phone?

1. Use Land-line

The best way to protect yourself from using a cell phone is to buy a land-line or cord phone. These phones do not emit harmful radiation and you can talk longer without getting health risks.

2. Hands-Free Is Useful

Keeping phones close to yourself while waiting on a text or talking on a call can be dangerous. A lot of cases have been registered where cell phones exploded and killed the owner. Hence, use hands-free to maintain distance from the mobile. 

3. Learn To Let Go

Understanding the necessity to use a mobile phone, we cannot ask you to throw away your phones and start living like the 80s. But we can ask you to use your mobile phones only in case of emergencies when it is mandatory. 

4. Do Your Homework

Before buying a cell phone, research about the handset. Try to gather information about the amount of radiation the mobile set emits, and then select the one with the lowest. 

5. Bid Adieu To Bluetooth

Bluetooth headsets may make it easier to pick calls while driving, but they transmit radiation directly into the ears. It is advisable to not use Bluetooth headsets.

6. Turn It Off

Mobile phones do not throw electromagnetic fields when they are switched off. Therefore, it is suggested to switch off the phone when not in use. 

7. Eat Better, Know More

If you cannot kill the disease, find a cure. You may be unable to stop radiation but you can build your body stronger to fight it. Eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to keep your body fit.


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