Are you facing the issue of games not running smoothly on your phone? Do you think that this is because you need a more advanced or expensive phone? Well, you can’t be more wrong, mate! 

You can get the best smartphone under 10000 with excellent gaming performance. Sometimes you only need to tweak some options in your Android phone to make your phone more gaming-friendly.

Here are 8 tested and proven tricks to improve the gaming experience of your android phone: –

  1. Get a Fast Internet Connection

Even the best phone for gaming can’t perform on a slow internet connection. They will keep lagging. Games need a fast internet connection to transfer the data instantly. It doesn’t matter you use a Wi-Fi or data pack. It only needs to be fast enough.

  1. Toggle the Force 4x Feature

Your phone has force 4x Feature turned off as it drains your battery more quickly. But it significantly enhances the gaming performance of your phone. If battery life is not your priority, turn this option on from your setting and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

  1. Keep Deleting Cached Data

The websites you visit store cached data on your phone for effortless loading of that site next time. But cached data slows down the gaming speed of your phone. So keep removing all the cached data from your phone regularly to boost the phone’s speed.

  1. Use Dolby Atmos Sound

The gaming experience is not only about speed. It has to do with the picture quality and the drama created by sound as well. The best phones for gaming comes with a Dolby atoms sound feature. Enable this to enjoy better sound quality while playing games.

  1. Install Game Booster Apps

Some apps act like gaming boosters for android phones. These apps enhance the graphic quality and speed temporarily. When you stop playing, your settings will go back to defaults. Samsung devices come with a game launcher app preinstalled in them.

  1. Don’t use Live Wallpapers and Widgets

Live wallpaper and widgets like weather updates block your phone memory and speed. Thus you should clear your home screen of all such updates. You might’ve heard it many times but clearing your home screen works wonders to enhance your phone’s gaming experience.

  1. Keep Updating Your System

Updating software boosts your phone’s speed and keeps it upgraded. Android sends a lot of updates regularly. Updating your phone’s system resolves the problem of the phone’s overheating due to gaming. And it gets rid of bugs as well.

  1. Plug in a Phone Gaming Accessory

Apart from the internal option in android phones, external game accessories like a game controller increase the speed and accuracy of your game moves. And they don’t take much effort to get installed after you plug them into your phone.

Parting Words!

Your smartphone can turn into a gamer’s delight with the help of all the tricks mentioned above. The performance of the best phone for gaming can also be enhanced by fully utilizing its gaming-friendly features.


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