Life is unbearable without a smartphone in hand. Every task is performed through a phone. From buying groceries to paying bills, the mobile phone has become a necessity. What if you lost your mobile phone? What is the first thought that comes to your mind? You will call your bank to block the account because you access your bank facilities through the phone. Your private information is at risk. How can you protect your cell phone? 

1. Use Antivirus or Antitheft Softwares

We carry our worlds in our mobile phones. If you want to protect your cell phone, then buy antivirus software that provides full protection. There are free antivirus apps available on the internet but they do not work efficiently.

2. Lock The Screen With Password

We are always surrounded by people whether our friends or colleagues. Sometimes we cannot trust people with sensitive information stored on our mobile. Therefore, set a passcode on the lock screen of your mobile. Ensure it is not an easy password to crack.

3. Do Not Open Random Links

Random links on your social media or text messages can be fraudulent. They may contain a virus that seizes the entire system and extort money in exchange for control. 

4. Keep A Check On Privacy Settings

The best way to protect your cellphone is to customize the privacy setting according to your needs. There are settings in every app and browser that allows you to keep your data private. Do not share information that might be risky.

5. Keep Your Phone Up to Date

Every smartphone uploads new updates from time to time. The best way to keep yourself protected when using a phone is to download the updates. New features and settings arrive with every upgrade.

6. Back-Up Phone Data Weekly

In case your phone gets lost or breaks down, you should always keep a backup of your important data. Many online clouds store your data that can be accessed anytime. You can also choose to store them on other devices.

7. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Try to use the private mobile network while using the internet and never share your mobile hotspot with an unknown person. and 2ndaly never use public wi-fi like in the shopping mall cinemas, metro stations, university or other. These types of wifi can make you in danger so always avail such type of wifi networks.


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