Cyber threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and to use them effectively, it has become vital to take necessary measures to ensure adequate security of networks and systems. Every day new viruses and malware are launched by cybercriminals to harm the routine operation of organizations or for financial gain. The extent of malware damage depends on its specific type; it could be pretty catastrophic in severe cases.

We all know that cybercriminals are getting smarter day by day and are always waiting to destroy well thriving businesses. Unfortunately, some business owners still ignore these things and keep the myths related to cyber security. Here we will debunk such misconceptions and make clear how important cybersecurity is for running your organization smoothly on the Internet. Here we go!

Small Businesses Are Not The Target of Cyber Criminals

Fact: It is the most common myth among small business owners; however, the reality is that cybercriminals do not differentiate on the basis of size. According to studies, around 58% percent of data breaches target medium and small-sized businesses. So, don’t think that nobody wants your data and invest in a better security system. If you cannot afford to hire an in-house security team, it would be better to outsource IT security services in Sarasota. Third-party vendors are much cheaper than full-time in-house employees.

Cyber Security

Anti-Virus Software Gives Enough Protection

Fact: Although anti-virus software keeps your system safe from certain attacks, it does not provide robust protection. Put simply; it is not 100% effective. Anti-virus is a piece of program that protects your system against malware/viruses informed to it. But, if cybercriminals attack your PC or network with a new kind of malware, anti-virus software cannot detect and block it. So, for your system and network security, you can’t depend solely on anti-virus. It’s just a first-line defense; however, you should have multiple defending options for high-level protection. Employees Are Always Honest

Fact: Of course, every company gives cyber security training to their employees so that they can identify phishing or other attacks. However, every employee is not trustworthy and honest; some are not able to detect the malware due to lack of knowledge, while others are due to their freaky behavior. So, it is not reliable to rely on employees for cyber security and threat detection.

IT Department Can Take Care Of Everything

Fact: Undoubtedly, the information technology team plays a vital role in managing an enterprise’s cybersecurity. However, it doesn’t mean that they are solely responsible for taking care of data and network security. It is the responsibility of every member to safeguard the organization from potential threats. 

The More We Spend, The Better Security We Get

Fact: Many business owners think that investing in high-end security tools and solutions is the proven way to make a shield between their databases and hackers. But, this is not the case. Regular audits and security policy review is vital to keep your business secure. Also, choosing the right IT security service provider is important, which can be done by reading the people’s reviews about the vendor on Google and talking with their existing clients.  Passcode Can Give Level Protection

Fact: Undeniably, using a password is crucial to stand against several break-in attempts. But don’t think the hackers cannot break it. No matter how many special characters you use in a passcode, no password is 100% secure and can be cracked somehow. Therefore, you should change them from time to time; it could be weekly, after 15 days, or monthly.

Wrapping Up-:

Hope you found the above article interesting and understand why investing in cybersecurity is essential. Most small organizations don’t hire IT security service solutions as they think it’s a bit expensive. However, it’s not like that. There are many vendors that provide efficient security services at affordable rates, and you can easily find them with little effort and research. 


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