Challenges faced by an HR of any organization cannot be listed. Changing scenarios have the potential to shovel the routine of the employees. Applications such as HROne aim at providing a complete HCM suite to bed such changes. The availability of numerous applications has the potential to confuse the employer and the HR team. For instance, even in India, there are various applications that are equipped with various tools. To gain a better understanding, Let’s make a list of such challenges which can be easily dealt with by HCM software in India

Recruitment of talent

Pandemic has caused a sheveled economy. However, hiring new employees has continued. Hiring new employees via virtual mode has been a challenging job. The challenge in recruiting employees online is the lack of the ability to judge the potential of the employee:

The travel and meal benefits are no longer a perk with the remote functioning setup. 

The solution to such hurdle is building communication:

Any candidate looking for a job often invests time in applying for various positions posted on recruitment sites and sourcing platforms. 

According to Ulrich: “Leaders are in a great position to articulate the values a company is trying to enact and to shape the story of how today’s work connects with those values. This means sharing stories of how the company is making a difference for good in the lives of real people, including customers, employees, and communities.”

The leaders can track eligible candidates from these platforms. The HR team with the recruiters plan on organizing tests that can assist in scaling the potential candidates. 

The recruiter can schedule an online interview session with the candidates and select the potential employee with the assistance of the tests. Once the candidate is selected, the recruiter sends an offer letter. After the acceptance of an offer letter by the candidate, an online onboarding process begins. 

There are a few questions that can help in refining recruitment procedures:

  • What is the significance of the role ?
  • How is this role going to contribute in the long term for the organization?
  • Why would a prospective candidate opt for such a role ?

These questions help in focusing the elements that can help in scaling the potential candidate for the role. It requires understanding the skills and strengths and goals of the employees associated with the organization. 

Preparing for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence requires analyzing data to understand the role of the employees and their roles evolve in the coming years. Software is usually integrated to combine different applications in the workplace.  This helps to manage the workforce of the organization.

The key to gathering adequate information that can help in building a healthy and integrated HCM:

  • Assessment of time: the time required by the teams to achieve the goals. This helps to specifically identify the areas where AI can be implemented. These surveys can  identify the areas and suggest solutions to procure better results of these applications. 
  • The question that came up with this is “ how can artificial intelligence affect the market and the business?” This analysis can assist in crafting flexible plans and streamline business processes without losing the core values and goals of the company. 

Emphasis on soft- skills

With evolving technology, it has become imperative to stay upgraded with the skills. Employers have realized the importance of reskilling the existing employees. A well-equipped HCM software provides the employees with available resources to proceed towards a better growing ROI.

The availability of such resources can scale into more effective procedures of working. Even while recruiting new employees, the HR team can pay heed to analyze the soft skills of the potential candidates. For instance, a planned assessment to mark the knowledge of soft skills can help in building a better team.


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