Do you want to take your business to more heights?

If you said yes, you immediately need to switch to dedicated hosting services.

You are hindering the growth on your own by hosting on the same server for a long. The traffic has probably outgrown the hosting. It may not hold the capacity to manage that much load. So, for your hosting server to handle heavy traffic, you must host on a powerful hosting server.

Dedicated hosting is a dynamic and strong hosting service. It has the capability to enhance the efficiency of your website. The word itself talks about commitment so you know how much dedication it can provide to your business.

Privacy is essential for big websites. Less privacy and security can impact the business growth and brand identity.

Especially shared hosting has limitations. Your business website outgrows the hosting after a while. It cannot provide you with the same value it offered initially. That is why it becomes vital to switch.

Dedicated hosting has more power, capability, sustainability, and profitability. If you switch to this server, your website can produce better outputs. 

There are several advantages that you will understand as you read further. Plus, the host you choose to host your website with also matters. If they provide you best services and features, everything’s sorted.

It is difficult to find a quality service provider. It needs good research and study. But, let us reduce that task for you.

MilesWeb is the best cheap VPS hosting provider. They can offer you quality services at affordable prices. Not only that, but you will also get the benefit of top-notch features.

Dedicated Hosting Briefing

In dedicated hosting, you get full server control. Here you don’t share the server or resources with others. But, you enjoy a completely private environment.

With such a privacy level, the efficiency increases. Website’s performance and speed get better. It also reduces server downtimes and provides a superior user experience. 

Moreover, you receive more amount of resources. All are dedicated to your website, and you don’t share any part of it with others.

Like how you share the server in shared hosting, this is different. There are also security risks after your website grows a bit and starts receiving heavy traffic.

If any user’s website receives heavier traffic or has a bad influential website, it can impact your website’s performance. Initially, it works well. But after a while, you must switch to better hosting.

Dedicated hosting has all that a website needs to expand and grow better. So, if you want to heighten your website/business, a dedicated server in India is the right choice.

MilesWeb has several plans under dedicated hosting. They start from Rs. 6,999/m. So, what dedicated plan will suit you the best depends upon the requirement of your website. 

Additionally, the host will provide you with the best features and 100% committed resources. 

Who Requires Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers are for big websites, heavy traffic websites and eCommerce sites that cannot experience downtime. 

Such websites require 24/7 availability of the website. If they face server downtime, the business can face heavy losses. 

It is essential for heavy traffic websites to run smoothly. Visitors trust their brands and will not be ready for any disappointments. Plus, no business wants to lose traffic or customers interested in their products.

If you have heavy traffic websites, dedicated hosting is for you. MilesWeb’s affordable plans will help you heighten your business.

They also provide managed and customized dedicated plans. If you wish to purchase managed or custom dedicated package, you can contact the sales team. 

MilesWeb’s sales team will support you with your query and provide you with the best plans. 

Advantages of MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting

SSH Root Access  

MilesWeb permits all its users SSH root access. You have the right to control and manage your server, and the customization is also in your hands. The host lets you work on the server as you want.

Control Panel

MilesWeb has a few control panels available like Plesk, cPanel and Webuzo so that you can look after your dedicated server with ease. 

Service Level Agreement  

The host guarantees you a network uptime of 99.99%. That is the highest uptime any company will offer. 

Because of 99.99% uptime, your website will stay up at all hours and run smoothly.

Host Unlimited Websites

Host as many websites as you want. There are no restrictions for the same. The company lets you resell your resources if you want and move all your websites to the dedicated server for better performance.

High Performance 

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers are highly reliable and secured. They offer the best performance. Your website will face no downtimes or server issues as well.

Additionally, you can install high-end web applications, and the website will still run smoothly.

High Security

As you don’t share your bare metals with any other user, there is high security. There are no risks of security threats as you are in a safe and isolated environment.

Wrap Up

Dedicated hosting is best for expanding your business and running a smooth, hassle-free website. It holds more power than other hosting services. 

MilesWeb is an affordable hosting provider. It can meet your budget and help you grow as well. If you are looking to grow immensely, MilesWeb can help.


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