We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing gadgets that 2023 brought to life, beyond everyday items like Mi smart TVs and the best laptops in India for work-from-home purposes. Here are our top picks for this year 2023.

August Home Smart Lock Pro

This little piece of technology allows you to control your door from anywhere. You can use August Home Smart Lock Pro to grant keyless access and keep track of anybody entering or exiting the room or house, using the door that has been set up with the device. The door locks behind identified users and opens as they approach it. It also updates users on the door remaining securely closed and locked. 

Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger

This speaker not only allows users to play and control music but also offers fast wireless charging for smartphones. It has a little cradle where consumers can place their phone, and get it charged while it also plays music. 

Tile Pro

For the uninitiated, Tile is a chip-based device that you can attach to anything you tend to lose (like your keys); you can then use your smartphone to find the said item. Its previous edition had a 90m range, while the Tile Pro has a 122m range and allows for batteries to be replaced. 

Samsung’s Rotating TV

The Sero is a smart TV that can be viewed horizontally like any other TV but can also be viewed vertically, to enjoy a social media feed. 

Homepod Mini 

Apple’s Homepod Mini speakers are not just speakers, but an intercom system. The speaker also synchronizes with all Apple devices; many of these speakers can also be placed in different parts of the house, and they will synchronize with each other. 

Of course, there have been exciting new launches in the consumer electronics segment as well, including Mi Android TVs, Lenovo’s Ideapad which might just be the best laptops in India (at least in the budget/ mid-range segments), and amazing smartphones at unbelievable rates. 2022 has definitely been a good year for gadget-lovers and in this new Year, 2023 people can buy any of the best gadgets to gift someone special.


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