Credit card apps have largely replaced cash as the preferred method of making purchases and paying bills in the modern world due to their convenience, security, and benefits. The most convenient way to keep track of your credit card details and access your monthly bill is by using one of the top online credit card apps designed for this purpose. In this manner, we may pay our bills with the touch of a button and avoid missing any important deadlines.

Top Credit Card Apps for Payment

There may be additional advantages to paying down your credit card amount. Yes, and in this section, we’ll look at India’s best credit card payment apps.

SBI Credit Card App

SBI Card is a popular credit card in India, and it is one of the few that give benefits in a wide variety of spending categories. Some of the most well-known credit cards from SBI are the Cashback SBI Card, SBI Card ELITE, BPCL SBI Card, and SBI Simply Save. Choosing the appropriate card might be difficult since each caters to a different kind of purchase or expense, such as grocery, gas, clothing, etc.

Top Features

  • Add-on Cards
  • Encash Facility
  • Flexipay Feature
  • Balance Transfer
  • Overlimit Facility
  • Automated Utility Bill Payment
  • Insurance Cover
  • Easy Access via SBI Card Mobile App

Axis Bank credit card app

Axis Bank provides some of the best credit cards that enable you to save money on purchases through rewards or cashback and other advantages. Like credit cards, the bank provides several ways to pay with an Axis Bank credit card. Use services like NEFT, UPI, online banking, and many more to pay your expenses.

Top Features

  • Security Measures
  • Contactless Payments
  • Cashbacks on Fuel Spends
  • Cash Advance Facility
  • Discounts on Dining
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Cash Advance Facility
  • Auto Debit Facility
  • EMI Facility

HDFC credit card app (PayZapp)

HDFC PayZapp is HDFC Bank’s mobile payment app. It’s a one-stop shop for all your monetary needs. You may do all your financial dealings with HDFC PayZapp while on the go. HDFC PayZapp supports linking to debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts for making purchases.

Top Features

  • Security of App using PayZapp PIN.
  • Send and receive payment to mobile number via HDFC PayZapp.
  • 5% cashback on recharge, bill payment, movies, and grocery purchases.
  • No need to load money into your wallet.
  • Secure transactions using proprietary technology.

BOB credit card app

Credit cards from Bank of Baroda are available in a wide variety to meet the demands of its customers. The cards come with a plethora of perks, including free or discounted subscriptions to premium services and retailers and generous incentives for making purchases.

Top Features

  • 3 Lifetime Free add-on cards for your friends and family.
  • Unintentional death insurance Coverage is available up to INR 20 lakhs.
  • There is no liability for lost cards and a 50-day interest-free period.
  • Payment Requirement Pay your bills and fund your expenses as you see proper.

Union Bank credit card app

Union Bank of India provides a variety of credit cards with exceptional benefits such as shopping, eating, ticket reservations, travel, entertainment, and much more.

Top Features

  • Union Bank credit offers 21 to 50 days of interest-free credit. You may also specify how much of the outstanding sum you want to pay.
  • The fuel cost will be repaid if you purchase Rs1,100 in petrol monthly.
  • You receive Rs.5 lakh in accidental insurance coverage.
  • The bank will pay any fraudulent transactions up to Rs.1.5 lakh after reporting a credit card loss.

Paytm credit card

Paytm was one of the first digital payment applications in the nation, and it now provides its customers with access to advantageous credit facilities. Paytm has partnered with banks like SBI to provide co-branded credit cards with various perks and discounts. The credit card is one of the most widely used cards and may be used almost everywhere in the nation.

All purchases made with a Paytm credit card get a standard 1% cashback. It provides consumers with credit facilities, boosting their CIBIL scores.

Top Features

  • 100% digital process for documentation
  • 5% cashback in Paytm Mall
  • Get started without any activation fee.
  • 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • EMI Conversion on Large Transactions
  • International Usage

PNB credit card app

PNB has a variety of credit cards that might meet your demands if you’re seeking a card with standard perks and an easy rewards system. These cards come with various features and perks, making purchases and other transactions more straightforward and rewarding.

Top Features

  • You may receive cash anytime you need it with your Punjab National Bank credit card. Cash transfers will be subject to premium and financing expenses beginning on the day of the transaction.
  • You may view your credit card account online at any time and from any location.
  • Every time you use your credit card, Punjab National Bank rewards you with loyalty points. You may earn welcome points, extra points, and accelerated bonuses on some Punjab National Bank credit cards.
  • With daily SMS and email alerts, you can stay on top of all your transactions, missed payments, bill payment receipts, monthly card statements, and more.
  • Punjab National Bank supplies credit cards with an EMV Microchip embedded, increasing fraud and replication security.

ICICI credit card app

Whether you’re just starting or have an established credit history, ICICI Bank has a credit card that will suit your needs. These credit cards are available with a wide variety of features and benefits, such as those related to travel, shopping, entertainment, and incentives.

Top Features

  • Use the ICICI Bank Platinum Chip credit card to earn a 1% discount on fuel surcharges at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) gas stations. This perk is available at pumps that employ ICICI Merchant Services swipe devices for all transactions under 4,000.
  • ICICI Platinum Chip cardholders may receive two reward points for every $100 spent on any retail transactions other than petrol. These ICICI Platinum Chip credit card reward points may be used for enticing product incentives.
  • Holders of this credit card may take advantage of Visa’s platinum privileges on eating, shopping, hotels, and travel, among other things. Mastercard customers may take advantage of the unique Mastercard Priceless Specials program.
  • The ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Program offers savings beginning at 15% at over 2,500 partner restaurants in 12 cities throughout India.

OneCard credit card app

The IDFC bank infrastructure supports FPL Technologies’ new entry-level credit card, OneCard, which uses the Visa (Signature) network. The unique benefits of the OneCard credit card set it apart from other cards.

Top Features

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Manage Card through Mobile App
  • Metal Card
  • Hassle-Free Activation
  • Reward Point Benefits
  • EMI Transactions

Other Credit Card Bill Payment Apps

Credit-based applications in the nation are expanding at the same rapid rate as the rest of the IT industry. There are a lot of choices out there, and it might be hard to figure out which is the best for you.

We’ve also included some of the greatest alternatives if you’re looking for a credit app. The best features and overall app ratings for each of these applications are summarized below. Let’s get down to business and check out India’s best credit card app.


PhonePe has a feature for credit card bill payments, making it one of India’s top credit card bill payment applications. As prizes, Phonepe offers scratch cards. After your payment is processed, the function will become active. Compared to competing UPI applications, this one is a clear winner. PhonePe allows you to make UPI or debit card payments on your credit card bills. As previously specified, you will get a scratch card with a cash rebate or other incentives.

Top Features

  • Use UPI to pay your credit card bill.
  • When you pay your bills, get scratch cards.
  • Rent can be paid via credit card.


Paytm is the most widely used and one of the most reliable applications for paying credit card bills in India. It may be used to settle a wide variety of invoices. Although no ongoing rebate program exists, a special promotion is now running.

You may get a scratch card worth up to 1 lakh reward points for paying INR 5,000 or more toward your bill. For every INR 1,000 you spend using your card, you’ll receive a minimum of 1 lakh cashback points.

There is no guarantee that the cashback incentives will remain the same. So, please verify everything before making a purchase. Paytm accepts all major debit cards except VISA and Mastercard for bill payment.

Top Features

  • Use your Paytm balance, UPI, debit cards, or online banking to pay your credit card bill. 
  • When you pay your bills on time, you may sometimes be rewarded.
  • Bill reminders are sent out regularly.
  • Rent may be paid via credit card.
  • Free credit report generation

Google Pay

Google Pay was created to speed up and simplify the checkout process, similar to other digital wallets. Customers may use the app to pay for cell phone products and services.

Top Features

  • Wide compatibility
  • Layers of security
  • Additional uses
  • Strong recordkeeping


CRED is India’s most downloaded and widely used credit card payment software. You will earn an equivalent amount of Cred coins for every bill you pay using Cred. The Cred coins may then be traded in for discounts.

After making a payment of at least 1,000 INR, you may request a financial reward in the form of a “mystery cashback.” Initially, the app’s rewards were very attractive, but they’ve subsequently been drastically lowered. Therefore, large offers should not be anticipated.

Top Features

  • Use UPI or online banking to pay your credit card bill.
  • Get a cash bonus when you pay your bills.
  • Payment reminders, a smart statement, and a free credit score.
  • Easily pay your rent with a credit card.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay, which uses your stored Amazon account information to optimize checkout, is another of the finest credit card bill payment applications. By using the tried-and-true security and fraud protection used by hundreds of millions of Amazon customers, this feature helps boost consumer confidence while also enhancing the shopping process. It has streamlined features, including integration, support, optimization, and the purchasing process.

In addition to shopping and paying for cellphones and other utility services, you may now use Amazon to pay your credit card payments. Unlike with Cred, there is no assurance of a monetary refund. In the guise of rewards, however, you do sometimes get offers.

Check the Amazon Pay rewards page for credit card bill payment discounts. Credit card statements are another place you’ll see the offers.

Top Features

  • Pay your credit card bill (minimum of INR 100) using UPI or online banking.
  • Cashback discounts on card bill payments are periodically available.
  • Free credit reports are available.


It’s worth noting that Axis Bank’s Freechange serves as a platform for the payment app Freechange. With Freecharge, it’s simple to pay rent with a credit card and have the money sent directly to your landlord’s bank account. If you pay your rent with a credit card, a 1.1% convenience fee will be added to your payment. Paying the rent with a credit card might earn you up to 3% back in rewards.

Top Features

  • Convenience
  • Rewards and Offers
  • Easy Bank Transfer


Mobikwik is another great tool for paying credit card payments quickly and easily. Supercash is a reward for using the Mobikwik app to pay your credit card bill. This Supercash may be used for future app purchases (up to 5% per purchase).

If you don’t want to utilize UPI, you may still use your debit card to pay your credit card bill. It’s a win-win if this helps you stick to your debit card spending budget. A Mobikwik wallet payment includes a 1.5% service charge + GST.

However, Mobikwik has just suffered a major data breach. Keep in mind that there have been some complaints concerning the timing of credit card payments.

Top Features

  • Make a payment on your credit card using the funds in your bank account, Mobikwik account, or UPI.
  • You will get Supercash each time you make a bill payment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Credit Card App

Security and Privacy: 

Look for an app that encrypts your data to protect yourself from security and privacy threats associated with digital payments.

Compatibility and Accessibility: 

Choose an app that accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

Features and Functionality:

Look for an app that offers services such as bill reminders, payment of other utility bills, etc.

Rewards and Benefits:

Choose a credit card app that gives you cash back or additional benefits when you pay your bills.

Customer Support:

Check whether your recommended app has reliable customer service.

Transaction Security and Notification:

Make sure the app you’re considering offers trustworthy payment transaction security and payment transferred notification.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Try to choose an app that has received many positive ratings from actual users.

Additional Fees and Charges:

Look for an app with no hidden fees or costs.

User-Friendly Interfaces and Navigation:

Choose an app with a simple layout that’s straightforward to learn and utilize.


These were India’s top credit card bill payment applications that provide cashback and rewards for on-time bill payments. Before choosing which application to utilize for an offer, it is advisable to review them all. You can get a clear view of your credit card spending with these credit card apps, receive rewards, and remain updated with frequent alerts. These assist in creating your bills and statements as well. They may also be utilized at any time, are easy to use, and can be downloaded to tablets and smartphones.


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