Biofuel is another substitute for diesel fuel. These fuels include ethanol and biomass-based diesel, made from biomass materials blended with gasoline, distillate fuel, and heating oil. They can give hydrogen, clean up oil, and work as cooking oil. These fuels can work as an option to replace energy needs from vehicle fuel to home heating. In addition, the fuels are clean, making them more eco-friendly than diesel fuels. To understand more, here are more uses of biofuels.

Energy Generation

Fuel cells have the capability of generating power for applications that rely on electricity. Biofuels can generate power in backup systems where emissions are essential. Some of these facilities include hospitals, schools, and other places near residential areas.


In the United States, more than 30% of the energy consumed is in transportation. Globally,24% of energy is used in transport, and more than 60% is absorbed oil. The translation to this is that over a third of the oil is used in transportation. However, other alternatives like solar and wind cannot be used in transportation.

Therefore, biofuel can be converted to hydrogen steam to be incorporated into fuel cells.

Heating Agent

Primary biofuels like wood are used for heating. However, wood still has effects on the environment. But there are secondary fuels that are refined and efficient and are very eco-friendly options for natural gas. They include biofuels that are a combination of biodiesel that helps reduce the emission of nitrogen and sulfur oxide. These secondary fuels are used to heat homes, mostly in the cold season.

Cleaning of Oil Spills and Grease

It’s tough to avoid oil spills while extracting, distributing, and storing oil. It causes adverse effects on the environment and living things around when it happens. However, biofuels are saving the day as they can address this issue. It’s possible due to methyl esters in the fuels that are a powerful solvent. It can be used as a washing agent for contaminated shorelines. 

The fuel can be utilized as an industrial solvent for cleansing metal. It’s possible because of its low toxic impact. If you are in the oil drilling industry, you can hire a biofuel project consultant┬áto advise you on how cleaning is done.

Charging Electronics

Scientists from Saint Louis University said a fuel cell had been developed with cooking oil and sugar to produce electricity. It means people will be able to use these cells instead of electricity. In addition, consumers will also be able to use fuel cells rather than batteries to charge gadgets like computers and cellphones.


In different sectors, machines need to be maintained and lubricated. This ensures operations run smoothly and last longer. Diesel fuels and oil-based lubricants have been used for a very long time. These fuels are as toxic to the environment as all other fossil fuels. However, biofuels provide a sustainable and eco-friendly option that is cost-effective. Biofuels are an alternative to diesel fuel. It can be used in various sectors to help keep the environment clean of toxins.


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