Energy costs are rising. Household energy bills across the USA have risen by over 10% in the past year. No wonder so many people are choosing solar panels for their homes!

Lots of people believe the only benefit of solar power is lower costs. But there are so many more advantages to installing this technology on your property.

Want to know more about all the ways solar energy can make life better for you and your family? Read on. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand exactly why solar panels are a great choice. 

Solar Energy Can Reduce Energy Bills

The most widely-known benefit of solar panels is their potential to reduce energy bills. Most modern homes use a whole lot of electricity, and generating it yourself through natural resources is a sure-fire way to reduce costs. 

Modern solar panels installed by a reliable company can a majority of your monthly energy bill! See for yourself how much money solar panels can save you. 

Many people make back their investment from solar panels in well under 10 years. That money could be used towards your child’s college fund or help set you up for retirement. 

Increase Your House Price

Saving money on energy bills isn’t the only financial benefit provided by solar panels. By installing panels on your property, you’ll be increasing the value if you ever plan to sell in the future. 

Considering all these many benefits, homebuyers will jump at the chance to buy a home with pre-installed solar panels. That’s why homes with solar panels sell for around 4% more than others. If you sell your home for the average price in the USA (around $375,000), that means you can expect to fetch around $15,000 extra when the time comes to sell! 

If you’re selling in a competitive neighborhood, a source of renewable energy built into your home can put you head and shoulders above the competition. 

Easy to Fund

As technology has developed in recent years, the price of solar panels has come down. But even if you’re worried about the initial outlay, there are lots of great ways to fund solar panels.

Many banks will offer home loans for panel installation. Since this is an investment that will save you money in the long run, they might be more willing to loan you money.

Many state and city governments also offer grants to homeowners and small businesses looking to install solar panels. Take a look around and see what financial help you can access through public or private means. With the right support, you could find yourself paying very little out of pocket for your panels and benefitting from long-term savings. 


Solar panels are convenient and easy to maintain. Installation is quick and easy and there’s very little you’ll need to do once they’re in place. The installation process for solar panels rarely takes more than a single day on residential properties, although some large panels may take two days. 

Maintenance is also fairly limited. You might need to clean your panels or wipe off debris every few months or so. And every few years, you might need to hire a maintenance company to come and check on your panels. But for the most part, you can sit back, relax, and let the panels do their job! 


Solar panels are one of the most discreet methods of producing energy for your home. Wind turbines can be quite unsightly and traditional generators often make a real racket. 

Solar panels are both silent and visually unobtrusive. They can also be constructed to blend in with your house, or positioned on a roof so they’re invisible from ground level. 

Once the installation process is complete, you might even forget you have panels on your house. You’ll likely only remember their presence when the time comes to pay for your electricity bill and you suddenly find extra money in your pocket. 

Useful All Over!

You might think that solar panels are only useful in extremely sunny weather. It’s a common myth that has little basis in reality. 

Believe it or not, solar panels can even be of use in cold climates. Scientists estimate solar panels could provide up to 23% of the total energy used in Alaska.

That said, panels do work better the more sun they get. So, if you live in a warmer climate, you’re likely to get results even faster. 

The important thing to remember is that when cloudy weather rolls in and solar panels aren’t at their best, you can still use the energy they harvested while the sun was shining. 

A good solar energy company will consult with you and explain how much energy your panels could generate. They’ll position them to catch the optimum amount of sunlight and ensure they produce as much energy as possible. 

Environmentally Friendly

With climate change on the rise, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of many homeowners’ thinking. People want to ensure their children and grandchildren will be able to grow up in a world with clean air and water, with stable temperatures.

By using solar power, you’ll go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint and improving your eco-friendly credentials. And there are lots of other environmental bonuses too! 

Reduce the Impact of Climate Change

Many governments, businesses, and private homes around the world are looking to use more solar energy to help them cut their carbon footprints and save money. Landmarks from Edinburgh Castle to the MetLife Stadium are now powered by solar panels! 

One of the most common ways electricity is generated for homes is through fossil fuels. That means coal, oil, and natural gases. When these fossil fuels are burned, they pollute the air and cause a greenhouse effect which causes climate change. 

This rise in temperature can cause sea levels to rise, along with increased natural disasters. It can cause soil erosion, forest fires, worsening water quality, and many other disastrous events. 

Many scientists believe climate change is the number one threat facing humanity. They also believe switching to renewable energy is key to addressing the issue. 

Solar energy does not contribute to climate change. Additionally, solar energy is known as a type of renewable energy due to the fact it will never run out, at least not while the sun continues to shine! 

Contribute to Clean Air

Fossil fuels don’t just cause climate change. They also pollute the air, making it harder to breathe and causing myriad other problems.

Heavily polluted air can damage plants and cause acid rain. People with asthma and other breathing conditions may be at higher risk of medical episodes in polluted environments. 

By using renewable energy to power your home, you’re helping to keep the air clean. It’s a great way of keeping your community healthy! 

Reduce Water Usage

Another benefit of solar energy is the potential for reduction of water usage. Solar panels don’t need any water to function. They just suck in natural sunlight and convert it into electricity. 

Fossil fuels use gallons of water for cooling, cleaning, and other purposes. 

As the planet heats up, it’s more important than ever to conserve water. Using renewable energy ensures water remains clear and unpolluted and ensures it’s made available to the community for standard purposes. 

Support Jobs in Your Area

There’s a lot of talk about the effect of lost manufacturing jobs in communities. The economic impacts of closing factories and mines around the country have left a trail of unemployment and poverty behind them. 

Sadly, technological advancements mean many of these jobs are unlikely to come back. But new employment sources are plugging the gaps.

Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in the United States. What’s more, it provides skilled, highly-paid jobs for local workers and in many areas is one of the key replacements for 

Many solar panels are made to order at factories in America. This new form of production is plugging the gap in many communities and providing new industries to revitalize communities. 


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