“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.”

The IT industry is experiencing a time when advancements in technology are pacing faster and consumer behavior and preferences have become tough to crack. 

At such a time, you need to stay equipped with resources that can promise you outbound sales and targeted results. You need to follow trends that are ongoing in the market and promise legit results. The big names Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are some of the areas that are steering all the attention. So, let’s learn about some prominent trends which will be hard to ignore in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has integrated its way into many industries. Mostly in a service-based industry, where applications are designed to read the behavior of the users and to offer them more targeted solutions. For instance, Uber, the leading taxi-hailing company has recently improvised its infrastructure and integrated AI, which makes predictions, based on deep learning analysis to judge scam cases and to collect data related to every suspicious activity.

“Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades”- stated Techgrabyte

Programmatic Advertising

A new form of marketing is introduced recently where AI is used to automate ad buying. In real-time, marketers can bid on targeted ads that reach out to the prospective and bring in more potential leads. This is a more effective method to garner the leads to the platform. According to the eMarketer, around 86.2% of display ads have now been automated programmatically. To program the ads you have to take into account a few things, the date and time along with the location of the users.

Wikipedia Page 

As the Google algorithms were revised during the end of 2020, it became clear that a long-form of content with the most authentic information is back in the game. Now marketers are hunting for reliable platforms that can give them ample exposure. Talking about authenticity the most important thing that comes to mind is to create personal Wikipedia page. So, if you have a product to launch, better create its Wikipedia page through which you can teach and educate the target audience about your product. However, make sure you follow its guidelines and policies, or else your page will be rejected.


Chatbots, since their inception, has continued to be an effective marketing tool, providing consumers with targeted solutions; the premium customer care tool comes with a bundled advantage for the brands. In the e-commerce industry, chatbots provide suggestions based on the analysis it carries out reading the consumer behavior. In the year 2020, Chatbots powered up around 85^% of customer service.

Video Content

Whether it’s about creating motion graphics or short GIFs visuals are everywhere. In this era, video marketing has reached heights of success as it has been observed that viewers love watching videos instead of reading text-based posts. This is why the platform YouTube has over 2 billion users. The count of subscribers on channels is increasing and a new sort of professional has been introduced under the term “YouTuber”. If you have the talent make a video and get online. Things have become this simpler. 

Interactive Content 

Creating interactive content is a need of time. You must make sure that your content stands out and delivers the core value and message to the target audience. Use innovative techniques like infographics and explainer videos to deliver your message to the audience. 

Wrap Up 

Digital marketing has become more challenging as new forms of promotion are coming. You need to think about coming up with innovative strategies that can promise you better outcomes. You will only be able to yield better results if you have the engaging aspect in your marketing campaign. 

You can either blindly follow the trends or come up with something out of the box. You know your product well and only you can create an innovative idea to promote the business.


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