Want to take advantage of the tremendous traffic generation potential that search engines offer, but don’t have the time, skills, or budget to do it in-house? There is a simple and proven solution: entrust the mission of positioning yourself in Google to a specialized SEO Company in India.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the SEO service provider and the team of experts that best suit your ambitions.

SEO is Neither Black Magic Not Miraculous

SEO is not a dark science. There is no trick that allows a website to suddenly end up in 1st place. Google is very clear that it has no “special relationship” with any SEO Company. Therefore, no one can promise you first place in the search results. So if an SEO Company claims to place a page with a product at the top, especially on a competitive keyword you should be wary.

Good SEO Takes Time

When launching a new online store, you need to be patient. Google makes it clear: the wait time for SEO results ranges from 4 to 12 months. It should be remembered when signing the contract, if the company assures you that the results will be quick, it can mean one of the following two assumptions:

  • The SEO Company will use methods that will give temporary results and then Google will apply a penalty to your website.
  • The SEO Company will offer you keywords that are very easy to position because they are not very competitive. These keywords will not bring you any profit, but you will have to pay the SEO agency every month.

The SEO Potential of your website is as great as the potential of your Business

Google is making it clear that small local businesses will never be equal to global international businesses operating in the same field. This is due to the design of Google which has created an algorithm layer that reacts to the popularity of a website. Naturally, the website of a smaller and unknown brand will be less popular than a global brand.

This does not mean, of course, that all is lost in advance. Building your brand image, retaining customers, acquiring new ones with the help of content marketing, or finally focusing on the “long tail” of your products are solutions to improve your visibility on search engines.

A Good SEO Company Should care about how you operate your Business

Google makes it clear, if a digital marketing company isn’t interested in your business and industry, you shouldn’t do business with them. Why? Because if an SEO Company doesn’t understand what your Unique Competitive Advantage (USP) is, who your customers are, why and how they buy from you, who your competition is, what advertising channels you use, etc. They won’t be able to be fully involved in your growth.

So if in response to your request for quotation, in which you only provided the website address and suggested 5 keywords, you immediately receive a ready PDF with the quote, it means the SEO Company uses automatic processes to carry out its audit, without being interested in the context which encompasses your company. Such a business partner is not really advisable.

Do not hire an SEO Company if you are not ready to make changes to your website

SEO activities are not just about outsourcing services. It’s a collaboration between developers, marketers, and other experts. If you don’t have the time to contact an SEO Company and make changes to your website, it’s hard to get results.

Lack of SEO effects, loss of budgets, what to do?

But what happens when we’ve already chosen an SEO Company instead of promoting our online store, has done more harm than good? Google points out that in case of suspicion of fraud, it is worth leaving a notice on the SEO Company and in some cases contacting a lawyer for the loss caused. 

A good method to avoid similar problems is to read reviews of past customers. Thanks to this, you can get a first glimpse of the quality of the work.

If you want to collaborate with an SEO Company, here are the elements to take into account

  • Be mentally prepared for changes to your website or even a complete overhaul.
  • Be patient, because good SEO takes time (and financial investment).
  • Be prepared to invest in a website audit.

Please be available and answer any questions for the exchange of information between the SEO Company who needs to learn the essentials of your business and your employees who need to learn how SEO works.


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