Content is just one side of the digital marketing picture. The other side is surely the optimization strategies. For content to get lots of traffic and sure visibility throughout the web, you need to optimize it from time to time. That’s where content optimization tools come into the picture. To make your content user-oriented, search intended, and compatible with the search engine updates you need to adjust it according to SEO.

The below content optimization tools will help you make your content SEO-friendly and up to the mark. Find them out and make them a part of your SEO strategy.

Why do you need to optimize your content?

Search engines are evolving with each search query. With billions of searches per day, there remains no doubt that search engines have gained that much intelligence to give the best possible results.

Google has employed AI algorithms that learn and get better every time it provides a search result. Moreover, Google gets updated every month and its updates are meant to give the user the best experience it demands. So, creating the best content that remains visible to the users in the SERPs is more daunting than ever.

That’s the reason why you need to keep on optimizing your content so that it remains relevant with time. Like other content creators, you surely won’t let your blog or website get de-ranked by your competitors. Your competitors are coming up with different strategies to get the ranking position that you have now. 

If you sit idle reaping the benefits of once ranked content, you will miss the chance to stable your position.Therefore, you need to take care of search intent, user needs, competitors’ agendas. The only way you can give your best is through content optimization tools.

Five best content optimization tools for SEO:

These five best content optimization tools are sought out for you so you can get rid of static content once and for all. These tools will keep you on your tools and whenever you need to tweak your content to your requirements, you can do it easily.


As the name suggests, this tool provides several interesting tools that take care of your content’s optimization for off-page as well as on-page.

It is not a single tool rather it’s a platform that gives a bunch of useful tools entirely for SEO.

So, if you have a blog or a website, or you are an SEO expert working with someone else’s website, you have ended up at the right place.

Unique content is always considered the holy grail for content writers because it is bound to get ranked easily. 

Prepostseo provides you the facility to remove plagiarism from your content and make it unique. Now, you can paraphrase your content while keeping its true essence with their paraphrasing tool. Uniqueness is an important aspect of your content’s quality and it helps you optimize your blog’s content. Not only that you can also repurpose your old content that has now lost creativity. You can easily paraphrase it in a new way and add new features to it to make it fresh again.

Alongside a paraphrasing tool, PrepostSEO gives some other important tools like domain authority and plagiarism checker to optimize your content. Knowing the DA score of your website will open up new insights on how to compete with your competitors and what changes you need to make to your SEO strategy.

Tools like text summarizer and plagiarism checker although belong to the writing niche, have a great impact on your content’s optimization.

Since your content should not be copied otherwise search engines may flag your content as superficial and unoriginal. This will ultimately leave you in the doldrums and you may get de-ranked or penalized for committing this offense. So, PrepostSEO provides a plagiarism checker to meet your content’s optimization requirements.


It is another important optimization tool that deals with a lot of features. You may get confused at first if you use it without any prior knowledge of this tool.

However, you may get well acquainted with it with time. This tool actually provides you complete analysis of a website and will help you grow your own website if you have one.

So, you can say this tool is a kind of auditing tool that takes care of your website’s SEO health. It finds out all the optimization issues that hold you from ranking in the SERPs. 

Instead of making guesses, you can pinpoint the errors whether they lay in technical SEO or off and on-page. Besides site audit, you can also go for the keyword explorer to find the keywords on which your competitor is ranked. 

You can extract those keywords and do market research to make a comprehensive keyword plan for your website. Another interesting feature of this content optimization tool is its backlink profile. You can analyze website backlinks and fetch put the best websites for yourself.

This will help you improve your website authority as this tool provides you with a DR or domain rating score.With all this, you will be able to keep an eye on what’s going on in the SEO industry and how you can tap on the best features.


You might have heard about duplicate content that affects your website’s overall SEO. 

Being a content marketer, you should know the harms of such type of content. Keeping them aside, this tool takes care of such copied content and removes plagiarism from it. That’s why it is popular among webmasters as well as bloggers. The importance of unique content can never be denied.

There is no use in taking care of SEO if the content is plagiarized in the first place. So, this tool removes plagiarism from your content and makes it unique.

It has three modes namely, fluency, standard and creative. Apart from rephrasing your text, its creative mode also adds creativity to your content to make it more appealing to the readers.

Hemingway Editor:

Content optimization can be a really tough job because you have to take care of every part of it even after getting published.

You have to own it and have to make proper changes when required. One thing that plays a cardinal role in optimizing your content is the style of writing.

Content writing is way different from usual academic writing that involves some complex jargon.

However, you have to be very crisp and to the point. This Hemingway app will let you make your writing better for your readers.

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You can increase the readability of your text and make it easy to understand. 

Moreover, you can check for common grammatical and spelling errors that usually slid past after publishing and creates a bad impact on your overall content creation.

With all these features, this tool can help you improve your content’s quality and optimize it for the internet.

Google Keyword Planner:

As far as the best free tool is concerned, the Google keyword planner tool always comes on the list.

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This tool is for those marketers who want to expand their brand’s reach and want to get more traffic. This tool provided by Google contains two main features. You can search for related keywords against a term and get the search volume as well as keyword difficulty in that particular region.

In this way, you can optimize your search queries as you incorporate the best keywords in your content. On the other hand, you can also forecast the market trends and see how your content will perform according to the set metrics. This will also help you know whether your content will get the desired ranking position on Google or not. This content optimization is a must-have for you if you want to reap the benefits of better SEO.

Final words:

There are a lot of content optimization tools on the internet. You can find some if you choose in this article. These tools optimize your content so that it appears in the SERPs. Go check them out and let us know what you think in the comment section.


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