With the introduction of online education, the need for proctored test software has skyrocketed. Many schools and universities have begun to reopen since the pandemic, but the demand for online education and assessments will remain.

Colleges may use e-learning technologies to teach students anywhere and at any time.

Most nations do not use conventional tests to assess, evaluate, or foster the development of cutting-edge abilities such as problem-solving or critical thinking.  However, with new software, the assessments have shifted focus on essential skills in today’s age.

For online assessments, reputable software is available, making it easier for educational institutions to transfer exams online.

The greatest software allows instructors total control over the candidate’s exam session if the institution has opted for live proctoring. As a result, printed exams are becoming obsolete as more refined software emerges, allowing the emergence of online assessments. Even if the pandemic eases, online testing will continue since the world has recognised its benefits and why it is superior to conventional testing.

Here are some reasons why.

  • Candidates are used to digital technology

Now, with distance learning and online classrooms, the candidates are learning on their computers to manage their courses. Moving to pen and paper would be a regress as candidates are now more used to using computers for their education. 

Once you are used to taking tests digitally, switching to a traditional test method and giving exams becomes challenging. 

  • Ease of creating a test and tracking each student

Educators use the best security software to deliver the tests to the candidates in the best way possible. 

After the test, they can begin the invigilation and monitor what the students are doing. 

The software offers a dashboard view that gives examiners a real-time view of the student’s progress and test sessions. Moreover, they can also check out each student’s audit trails and their actions at any time. It gives a clear overview of each student individually, which can be challenging with traditional written exams.

  • Saves time and resources for institutions

Institutions do not have to worry about logistics when scheduling an online exam. On the other hand, with a traditional test, they would have to worry about setting up an exam centre, arranging materials, ensuring social distancing norms, transportation, and distributing the material. All of this would require a lot of time and resources.

Since they can deliver exams online, the logistical challenge is eliminated, as providing an exam with reputable software is relatively easy. Not only is it less hectic for the institutions, but it also makes the candidates’ life more manageable. 

  • A scalable approach

If you are an educational institution hoping to schedule a test, scaling such an examination is a significant challenge. You will have to create access for candidates even in remote locations. 

Whereas scaling online examinations is easy, you can invite candidates from any part of the world for the test by simply sharing the exam schedule link and joining information. 

This vast scalability makes online assessments great and helps educational institutions erase any hindrances and seek the best education. 

  • More secure

Since all the details regarding the exams are digitally stored, it increases overall security. It eliminates the chances of the examination being leaked beforehand. 

Human errors are eliminated as you can control access to information to a greater extent. 

So, these are some reasons why traditional exams are becoming a thing of the past. Now that the world has realised how convenient online exams are, switching to conventional examinations would be a step back. 


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