Whether you’re buying your first DSLR camera online or trying to find the best bridge camera for wildlife, being familiar with the top camera brands in 2022 is essential. Here is a list of the top 10 camera brands that you must be aware of.

Top 10 Camera Brands in Indian Markets


Canon started its business by manufacturing films, and later in the year 1937, it began offering digital cameras. This Japanese brand makes excellent quality DSLR cameras and has a comprehensive range of compact and mirrorless cameras. 

Canon was the first company:

  • It offer a micro-computer in a camera.
  • To offer a camera with eye-controlled AF.
  • To offer an image-stabilized lens for consumers (mass market).


Since 1917, Nikon has been in the business of making cameras. Most camera manufacturers that exist today are based out of Japan – the homeplace of tech innovation. Nikon offers a wide range of pro-level DSLR cameras besides producing affordable cameras for entry-level and enthusiast photographers.

Furthermore, Nikon has a comprehensive range of camera lenses for its DSLRs. Plus, third-party brands also make excellent quality lenses to pair with a Nikon camera.


Sony is a well-known name when it comes to electronic products, from Walkman to Stereos to PlayStations. Even though Sony was established back in 1946, the brand delivered its first digital camera in 1988. 

Sony was not doing much in this segment until they acquired Konica Minolta’s camera unit in 2006. After that, Sony’s camera product line took off, placing Sony in a spot to compete with the other leading camera manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon. Later on, Sony went to dominate the mirrorless camera industry.


Fujifilm was the first camera manufacturer to produce a consumer digital camera in 1988. Nowadays, the company makes a range of premium portable cameras and top-notch mirrorless digital cameras.

Unlike Sony, Fujifilm chose against manufacturing full-frame cameras; instead, they focused heavily on APS-C sensors which are way smaller but just as good as their conventional counterparts.


Just like Sony, Panasonic produces an extensive range of consumer as well as commercial-grade electronics products. Currently, the brand provides an impressive range of full-frame DSLR cameras and cropped-sensor digital cameras under the Lumix sub-brand. Plus, Panasonic is also the producer of high-quality lenses for the super-expensive Leica cameras. Many of their recently launched cameras have been awarded and praised for their phenomenal video performance.


Olympus is based out of Japan and was established in 1919. This brand has been producing excellent quality film and digital cameras for the past few decades. Their digital mirrorless camera product line has a very retro-inspired look, especially the OMD and PEN range. Olympus cameras are hugely popular thanks to their compact size, overall aesthetic, and availability of a variety of quality lenses to accommodate most photography budgets and genres.


This Non-Japanese brand was founded in Germany way back in 1914, and they’ve been offering world-class optics ever since even though Leica cameras are highly sought-after products but not an economical option at all for the consumer market. Leica image output and engineering standards are simply phenomenal, but a Leica DSLR or mirrorless camera clubbed with a couple of lenses can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.


The Kodak name itself is synonymous with photography, and it was founded way back in 1888 in New York, USA. It might be hard to believe, but this camera brand was the number one player for almost a century, and the credit goes to their innovative product lines. With the arrival of digital camera technology, the downfall of Kodak started, and it lost its sustainability in the modern world.

Over the past few years, Kodak started offering unique instant print camera products, but it has a long way to go and earn back its former glory.

Whether you are on a quest to find the best digital camera on EMI or plan to upgrade your DSLR camera online or wish to start photography as a hobby or profession, knowing about the most prominent camera brands will help you with your photography journey for sure.

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