Usually, companies sell software in the form of CDs and DVDs. However, software as a Service (SaaS) is the new trend in the technology market. You need to install it on your computer systems to make use of it.  With the advent of the internet and wide-scale adoption of cloud services, SaaS companies have started gaining a lot of popularity. 

With SaaS, you don’t need any license to use the software. It instead works with a subscription model. Several Top SaaS Products For Creatives And SMEs help improve employee productivity, like increased collaboration in a team and spending less time on grasping technical concepts. 

If you want to know why SaaS products are crucial for growing startups, here is the information.

Four reasons why SaaS products are beneficial for creators and SMEs

Single founders, SMEs, and creators usually struggle with software in their early days of struggle. They cannot afford traditional programs that have costly licenses for use. Hence, it proves to be beneficial for such SMEs and creators. Here is why SaaS products are essential for them.

  1. Easy to do work with 

SaaS products make your life easy, especially when you are in the early phase of your startup. With many top SaaS products for creatives and SMEs available in the market, you can start creating your design with apps like Canva. You can create your platform with a no-code platform like Bubble or AppMySite. You don’t need expert designers or coders to start working on your ideas. Secondly, there is no hassle with the installation process. All you need is an account with the service provider, and you can start using the software.

  1. More productivity

As most SaaS products are curated to solve a specific problem, you don’t have to worry about customizations. Using these products improves productivity because automated programs already solve most issues. For example, the Airtable platform makes creating a project tracker and content calendar easy with a click. You don’t require complex scripting or coding knowledge. Secondly, you can increase the collaboration between the various teams online and offline because the software service does most of the work.

  1. Pay-as-you-go model

In traditional software, you don’t get the option to have monthly service. You have to buy an annual or lifetime software product. However, SaaS products give you the flexibility to pay as much as you use. For example, a platform like Grammarly gives the option to pay monthly, quarterly, or annual. The pay-as-you-go model benefits many companies and creators in running their operations.

  1. Increased sales

Software services can automate the entire sales funnel for your startup or SME. Platforms like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Klaviyo help you automate the sales funnel and provide a nurturing experience to your potential clients. As a creator, you will spend less time learning the technical know-how of operating the software because of ready-made software services. You can use your time to improve your sales funnel and optimize to convert more potential customers. 


Every SaaS product is tailored to solve a problem. You have to choose the service that solves the problem efficiently and costs less. Many companies provide their services for no cost during the free trial period. As a creator or SME founder, before subscribing to the service, you can test whether the software suits your needs. If you like it, you can always opt for the premium version by paying a fee. Overall, SaaS products have removed the complexity of having a full license for a software service.


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