In today’s world, crate shipping is incredibly important – but what exactly is it?

Crate shipping is the transportation of products and belongings via crates. 

Typically, crate shipping is reserved for large items that can’t be sent via post. Popular examples of this include big televisions and pieces of furniture. 

Also, crate shipping is ideal for items that are incredibly fragile and sensitive and therefore need extra protection, such as wine glasses. 

Can I Use a Crate Shipping Service? 

Yes – anyone can use a crate shipping service. This is true whether you’re selling items online or need help when you’re moving house. No matter the situation, crate shipping is often the answer! 

If you’re currently struggling and don’t know what to do with a large or uniquely shaped item that you need to transport, then all you need is crate shipping. It’ll make your life much easier while ensuring that the item (or items) get where they need to be on time. 

Is Crate Shipping Expensive? 

There’s no single answer to this question, as the cost of crate shipping depends on a variety of factors, such as:

In cases where you’re shipping a single, reasonably-sized item, you might be looking at somewhere between $150 and $300. Again, though, this is entirely dependent on the individual circumstances. 

When Should I Use a Crate Shipping Courier? 

The best time to use a crate shipping courier is when you can’t do the shipping yourself. In many cases, you might find that the item you want to ship or transport is simply too large for your car or company van. Or, it could be so fragile and sensitive that you simply don’t want to take the risk of handling it yourself. The solution? Use a crate shipping courier. 

Once you’ve compared prices online, you’ll be able to find the crate shipping option that works best for you practically and financially. As discussed above, prices can vary, which is why price comparison is important. After all, many businesses are making cutbacks during these economic times, so don’t undervalue how important this is!

What Do I Need to Do Before Shipping? 

As the owner or seller of the items, you need to prepare them for the crate shipping process. 

Usually, this will involve packing the items into the crate itself. This way, it can be picked up by the courier and shipped as quickly as possible. In addition to this, you should also clean and sanitize your items provided it’s safe to do so. 

The shipping company you use will also likely ask you to sign some important documents, which they will then take for you after picking up the crate. These documents exist for legal reasons and are designed to protect you and the items within the crate. 


You’ve reached the end of the guide. Now, you know what crate shipping is, how you can use it, and the benefits you’ll receive. Remember, make sure to choose the best shipping company possible and package your items carefully. 


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