With natural gas prices nearly 25% higher since the start of 2021, HVAC technicians will be in-demand. American consumers will want to make their HVAC units more efficient — and they’ll need help doing it. If you operate a heating and cooling company, now’s the time to pounce on new business.

Read on to learn 4 HVAC sales marketing tips to live by!

1. Design a Clear Website and Brand

When it comes to HVAC marketing, you’ll need to start with a clear website. Make sure your business plan budgets to pay a web developer and graphic designer so you can have a professional brand.

On your website, include your contact information, and provide a simple form for people to submit questions. Also, outline what services you provide. And to keep people coming back, add some time-sensitive coupons for furnace checks or other routine services.

2. Build Your Customer Reviews

Strong customer reviews are a key component of HVAC contractor marketing. After all, you’re more likely to win new business when a potential customer feels confident that you know what you’re doing! Add some testimonials to your webpage, and offer to provide referrals for all new customers.

Encourage customers to leave reviews on search engines, too. You might do this by offering a discount on the next visit or a free filter change. Search engine reviews may be seen as more objective, and they’ll help you ascend the search engine rankings.

3. Use Local SEO to Boost Web Traffic

When you introduce search engine optimization (SEO) into your HVAC digital marketing strategy, you stand to win big. SEO refers to keywords that people are most likely to use to find your business online. Embed these keywords in your website tags and blog posts — and click here for help doing it.

While you’re at it, use local SEO to generate more traffic locally. Make sure your address is listed and up to date online so that Google knows where you are. That way, those keywords can help you capture local and more relevant customers.

4. Get Involved in Your Community

HVAC marketing strategies don’t need to remain in the digital realm. When you get involved in your community, you can help lift up other causes and boost your company’s visibility. 

For instance, consider partnering with another related business on a promotion. You could offer coupons for discounts at a nearby restaurant or dry cleaner when someone uses your company. And they can reciprocate by offering diners or customers a discount on spring air conditioning servicing.

Help sponsor a local charity walk or dinner. You’ll be able to attach your logo to the event while doing some good work on behalf of your community!

Invest in HVAC Sales Marketing

When you pursue HVAC sales marketing, you create the possibility of building your customer base. You’ll be easier to find online thanks to local SEO and a clear website and logo. And positive customer reviews and community visibility will make you a trusted HVAC resource.


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